Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 02 E 11 First Spaceship On Venus
Hey! Come back here!

Film watched: First Spaceship on Venus

The Segments:

  • Joel readjusts Servo so that he becomes more sarcastic, but he annoys everyone with his snark.

Segment 1
  • Joel warns the Mads about stealing his ideas, which they do so. He presents a kit for starting junk drawer. The Mads also have a junk drawer, but found Abe Vigoda.

Segment 2
  • Crow and Servo prank Joel by show him the XT-5000 Ramjet Super Configured Limited Edition Lighting Interface. It soon fills the bridge with white goop.

Segment 3
  • The bots encounter a wild gorilla next to the Satellite.

Segment 4
  • The show breaks for a message from Klack's holiday foods.

Segment 5
  • Servo becomes so sarcastic, his head explodes, which leads into the letter readings.

The MST3k presentation contains examples of: