Recap: Leverage S 02 E 11 The Bottle Job

The owner of the bar below Nate's loft has passed away, and a good Irishman gets a good Irish wake. Only it turns out that before he died, he took out a loan from a nasty loanshark named Doyle, who's come to collect from the daughter. At the wake! (Have some respect, man.) And if she can't pay, he's going to take the Bar. Nate convinces the crew that they can pull off The Wire, a con which normally takes three weeks, in a single evening. And pull it off they do! They saved the Bar, Cora gets to keep her livelihood, and Doyle is going back to Ireland. Then Nate decides to knock things up a notch...

  • Beyond the Impossible: Pulling off a three week con in two hours ("hour and a half").
  • Bottle Episode: It's even in the title.
  • Oh Crap!: When Doyle demands that Nate actually take a drink or he'll walk away, the entire universe holds its breath. When Nate downs the whiskey, no one is happy.
  • Whole Plot Reference: There are a lot of influences from The Sting, although the episode mixes it up. The Wire is the classic scam run by Redford and Newman's crew in that movie; in the film, they convince their Irish Mob opponent to get involved in it by playing Poker with him first. Here, it's running the wire scam that leads the Irish Mobster to get involved in the Poker game. The Sting features conmen pretending to be law enforcement; here, the conman convinces law enforcement to pretend to be mobsters... in order to play a con.