Recap / Fringe S02 E20 "Brown Betty"

Season 2, Episode 20:

Brown Betty
I have spent my life making things that bring joy and happiness, to make the world a better place. Bubble Gum was one of my first. Ah. Flannel Pajamas. Oh, Rainbows. And my latest project, Singing Corpses.

Distraught over Peter's disappearance and attempting to console himself with a self-made marijuana blend (the titular Brown Betty), Walter gets roped into helping Astrid watch Olivia's niece Ella for a few hours. He tells Ella a noir-esque story about a woman with a broken heart searching for one that's been stolen, full of thinly-veiled expies of people from Fringe Division and ultimately painting himself as a well-meaning man who nonetheless causes great pain and doesn't deserve Peter's forgiveness.

Tropes found in this episode: