Recap / Farscape S 01 E 20 The Hidden Memory

Season 1, Episode 20:

The Hidden Memory

While D'Argo, Zhaan and a fully-recovered Aeryn head down to the Gammak Base to rescue Crichton, Moya starts going into labour with Chiana and Rygel's help. They discover the baby isn't a normal Leviathan: it's a Peacekeeper hybrid, which doesn't need a pilot, is armed with powerful weapons and is wild and difficult to control.

Meanwhile, on the Gammak Base, Scorpius is interrogating Crichton in the Aurora Chair, having realised that Crichton is attempting to conceal a particular memory. Scorpius continues to push, believing the hidden memory to be something about wormholes, but Crichton is actually trying to conceal Gilina's identity. Gilina comes up with a plan to give Crichton a respite by tricking the Aurora Chair into displaying a false memory: when Crichton gives in and thinks about Gilina, the Aurora Chair shows a fictional encounter between him and Crais, in which they make a deal to give Crais wormhole technology.

Scorpius uses his absolute authority to put Crais in the Aurora Chair and discovers that Crais murdered one of his Lieutenants. However, the interrogation is cut short when Aeryn breaks Crichton out of his cell and a security lockdown is announced. Stark manages to escape on his own, but Aeryn, Gilina and Crichton need to find a senior officer's ident chip to get out of the lockdown. Aeryn finds Crais, still in the Aurora Chair: she takes his chip and confronts him over his decision to declare her "irreversibly contaminated", a proclamation that destroyed her life.

Aeryn: You destroyed everything. I lost everything because of you! ... Do you know what I learned when I was away from you? Everything I lost isn't worth a damn. And I don't want to go back to your past.

She turns the chair up to full power and leaves Crais to suffer. Crichton, Aeryn and Gilina escape the lockdown and head topside, where D'Argo is guarding their escape and Stark is also waiting. A firefight breaks out between the Moyans and the Peacekeepers, during which Crichton and Stark ask what the other was hiding from Scorpius.

Crichton: It was only about the time I kissed a girl. ... What were you keeping from him?
Stark: The memory of a place I saw when I was a boy.

As they try to escape, Scorpius manages to grab Crichton. Gilina hesitates in her attempt to save him and Scorpius shoots her, which gives Crichton a chance to grab Gilina and get away. They escape back to Moya and manage to evade Peacekeeper pursuit temporarily, but she can't Starburst away because of her offspring. Stark shows Gilina, whose wound is fatal, the place he was remembering from his childhood, and after one last kiss from Crichton, she dies.


  • An Arm and a Leg: There's a brief shot during the gun battle on the surface of a Qualta blade shot from D'argo blowing a Peacekeeper's arm off.