Recap: Farscape S 01 E 10 Theyve Got A Secret

Season 1, Episode 10:

They've Got A Secret

The crew of Moya are sweeping the ship for any more Peacekeeper devices that might allow Crais to track them. D'Argo discovers one, but in trying to disable it, manages to blow himself out into space and release a strange cloud of bio-mechanical particles into Moya's systems. She soon reacts strangely, throttling the life support to the symbiont Pilot, and the atmosphere for her humanoid crew.

Crichton, Aeryn, Rygel and Zhaan must discover what has happened, restore Pilot and the life support, and deal with an amnesiac D'Argo who sees his shipmates as people from his hidden past...

  • Bad Dreams: After being recovered from vacuum, and coated with the genetic material from Moya, D'Argo has a waking flashback that overwrites reality with his painful memories of his family.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Especially pronounced this early in the show. D'Argo can survive for up to fifteen minutes in the vacuum of space. Moya can, uh, inseminate herself.