Recap / Family Guy S 2 E 4 Brian In Love

Original air date: March 7, 2000

This episode contains examples of:

  • Bait-and-Switch
    • At the beginning of the episode:
    Chris: (on the phone) So, what are you wearing? (laughs) Wow, I bet you could see right through that.
    Lois: Chris, who are you talking to?
    Chris: (to Lois) Grandma.
    • Later, Peter flashes back to the first time he peed in a toilet. It cross fades to an image of Peter as a child... then pulls out to reveal that it's a photo hanging in the family's living room as Peter runs in, zipping his pants and excitedly telling Lois "I did it!"
  • Bond, James Bond:
    Lois: This could be a nice way for you and Stewie to bond.
    Peter: "Bond"? James Bond. All right, Lois, I'll do it!
  • Bowdlerize: Two versions of this episode exist. In one, Peter asks a urinating Brian, "Jeez, Brian, where do you think you are? K-Mart?" In the alternate version, which is more commonly seen, K-Mart is replaced with Payless Note .
  • Dream Within a Dream: Seen in the cold open, where Stewie appears in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and kills everyone, but then he wakes up to find it was a dream. Lois then peels off her rubber mask and wig to reveal Mr. Rogers, and then Stewie wakes up for real (complete with Catapult Nightmare).
  • Go to Your Room!: George Jetson says this to Elroy before he chews out Jane for not rescuing him from the out-of-control conveyor belt.
  • Interspecies Romance: Brian has the hots for Lois.
  • Potty Failure: What causes Brian to seek therapy.
  • Sarcasm-Blind: When Stewie refuses to use the toilet:
    Peter: Maybe you don't have to pee. I oughta just give you some beer. Goes right through you.
    Stewie: Wonderful. And while we're at it, we can light up a doobie and watch porn.
    Peter: Y... yeah?
  • Shout-Out: Brian describes one of his dreams to the therapist: It's a parody of Logan's Run. In the same sequence, Brian (who is old enough to be executed) rats on Snoopy:
    Brian: What about him? He's gotta be in his fifties!
  • Staging an Intervention: One cutaway features Peter's family and friends having an intervention for his refusal to take off a giant foam cowboy hat.
  • Take That!:
    • In one scene, Peter says, "Lots of crazy people have gone on to lead normal, successful lives." Cue a still shot of Dan Rather.
    • In one cutaway, Brian accidentally runs over who he thinks is Stephen King with his car; when he finds out it's Dean Koontz, he backs over the body.
    • The aforementioned K-Mart/Payless line either way.
  • Talking Animal: Peter flat out forgets Brian can talk in one scene.
    Brian: He [the therapist], uh thinks I'm in love.
    Peter: Oh my God! You can talk!
    Brian: Nevermind.
  • Toilet Training Plot: Peter tries to toilet train Stewie after he thought he'd peed on the rug when it was actually Brian. Also in this episode, there's a cutaway gag where Charles Lindbergh tries to potty-train his six-month-old son, but the baby gets flushed down the toilet, so Charles lies that the boy was kidnapped.
  • You Keep Telling Yourself That:
    Brian: Lois. Well, she's a fantastic woman. She's compassionate and charming, attractive. Well, stunning really. I guess you could say I really-
    Therapist: Love her?
    Brian: No, of course not. Me and Lois? That's sick. Come on, she's my best friend's wife. Look, I love Lois, but I'm not in love with her.
    Therapist: Mm-hm. Who are you trying to convince, Brian, me or you?
    Brian: ...Oh, Brian, Brian. What a mess.