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Recap: Eighth Doctor Adventures Unnatural History
Samantha Jones has been having a really weird day. A man shows up at her door, calling himself the Doctor and claiming they've met. He insists that she's traveled with him in his space-time ship and seen the universe. He also insists that she's supposed to be blonde.

This is the Sam that should have been. It turns out the paradoxical dark-haired girl from blonde Sam's dreams has finally caught up to her, as has reality. Dark Sam is the real one. The only Sam Jones there is. The Doctor tries to talk to her, but sensing that something isn't right, she ignores him. After Sam leaves this nutter behind, she's ambushed by young kid with a knife and no shadow. The Doctor saves her but is injured himself, and entreats Sam to trust him, which she reluctantly does. They meet Fitz in San Francisco, 2002, to examine a temporal rift that's causing the city all manner of trouble.

They are abducted and tagged with tracking devices designed to tap into the Doctor's biodata, which for some reason is spread out and tangled up all across the city. The man who is watching them is an unnaturalist, or hunter of exotic (read: alien) flora and fauna. The unnaturalist is interested in a kraken that has emerged from a higher dimension, attracted to the rift as a source of food. The thing has been sleeping in the San Francisco Bay for a few days and its immense size poses threat to the entire city. Fitz meets with a hippie woman who helps him investigate ley lines running through the city, converging on the places where the Doctor's biodata is the most tangled. They discover that the rift is a actually a scar in space-time caused by the opening of the Eye of Harmony in San Fran when the Doctor regenerated, and that the only thing stopping the kraken from rolling right over the city and crushing it to swallow the scar is the TARDIS, who threw herself into the dimensional anomaly to act like an impromptu sealant, containing enough dimensions of her own to temporarily mask the rift's existence. Problem is, the TARDIS is in agony, being pulled apart by the forces of the rift, and the only way to permanently seal the rift would be to allow her collapse into it completely, an act which would destroy her. With San Francisco behaving even more oddly than usual, the Doctor and Fitz must convince this alternate Sam to help them close the scar before the city is obliterated.

Tropes present in Unnatural History include:

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