Recap: Doctor Who S2 E3 "The Rescue"

That alien is a friggin' safety hazard!
You're sorry for me aren't you? I'm perfectly all right, you know. I don't care if nobody ever comes. I'm fine. I'm perfectly all right!
Vicki, who is not all right

The Doctor, with Ian and Barbara still in tow, arrives on the planet Dido some time in the 25th century. The planet is home to a crashed Earth spaceship, with two survivors on board: the paralysed Bennett and the young orphan Vicki. Both are fearful of a native monster called Koquillion, who has apparently killed the other members of the expedition.

Ian and Barbara soon run into Koquillion, and the Doctor explains that despite Koquillion's spiky exterior, the natives of the planet are extremely friendly. This one isn't, though, but before the Doctor can investigate, he and Ian are unceremoniously placed in a Death Trap. With a rabid beast lurking below.

While they escape, Barbara is hidden by Vicki, and tries to come up with a plan. Vicki keeps trying to reassure her new friend that a plan won't be necessary, since the rescue crew is due to arrive in a few days. But Barbara doesn't want to wait that long and goes off to find her friends, shooting the rabid beast in the process... only to discover that it was Vicki's tame pet, the only close friend the girl had left in her life.

The Doctor mediates between a very distraught Vicki and his humans, and decides to have a good long talk with Bennett. He finds out that Koquilion is in fact Bennett in disguise (he's not really paralysed, of course), and he has killed the other crew members in order to conceal a murder he committed earlier. He's also been killing the native Didonians, and believes he has in fact wiped them out — but a confrontation with two Didonians causes him to fall to his death from a high cliff. The Didonians have had enough of outsiders for a very long time, so they make sure the rescue team never arrives. It doesn't need to, since the Doctor misses Susan so much that he agrees on taking Vicki along.

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  • Adopt the Dog: The Doctor was already Neutral No Longer during "The Sensorites", but this episode sees him inviting someone into his TARDIS.
  • Artistic License Gun Safety: Vicki checks the load on her flare pistol, and readies it while pointing it directly at Barbara's face.
  • Death by Irony: Bennett tries to kill Barbara by pushing her off a high cliff while disguised as a Didonian in a ceremonial garb. When the real Didonians came out to confront Bennett, they indirectly cause him to fall off a high cliff and die.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: See the page quote.
  • Exposition Victim: The Doctor foolishly does this with Bennett and comes very close to getting killed. He defends himself well, though.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Some of Ian's mocking mispronunciations of "Koquilion" verge on this.
  • Hands Off My Fluffy: Barbara shoots Vicki's pet monster because she thinks it's attacking her.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters
  • I'm Standing Right Here: The Doctor comes out of the TARDIS to tell Ian and Barbara that he can hear what they're saying about him right outside.
  • Never One Murder
  • Obfuscating Disability: Bennett.
  • Properly Paranoid: Vicki only not really.
  • Scooby-Doo Hoax: The spiky alien look is just ceremonial garb.
  • Shout-Out: To avoid revealing that Koquilion was another character in disguise, the first episode credits showed him as being played by "Sydney Wilson". This was a joint Shout Out to the two BBC executives responsible for Doctor Who, Donald Wilson, the Head of Series and Serials, and Sydney Newman, the Head of Drama.
  • Space Clothes
  • Zeerust: Apparently tape recorders will still be in use in the 25th century.