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Recap: Doctor Who S2 E1 "Planet of Giants"
"Do you know why I'm a success, Mr Farrow? Because I've never allowed the word "can't" to exist."

Given a second series note , Doctor Who kicks off with a sci-fi staple the heroes are shrunk to about an inch tall.

All the usual fun and frolics with perfectly normal household objects becoming perilous deathtraps are there, but they also uncover a plot by a ruthless businessman Forester to launch a new insecticide, DN6, despite it being harmful to other life. A civil servant investigates, but is murdered by the businessman (told you he was ruthless).

Barbara is made ill by the insecticide, but the others manage to foil the plan by tampering with his telephone, causing the local telephone exchange operator to be suspicious and send her policeman husband along to investigate. He isn't murdered, and brings Forester to justice.

The Irwin Allen series Land of the Giants bears a remarkable similarity.

Watch it here.

This story provides examples of:

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