Radio: Riders Radio Theater

Too Slim, on too many occasions to number

Riders Radio Theater, also sometimes known as Riders in the Sky (the name of the group that performs the show), is a Radio Drama (well, comedy/drama) that airs on National Public Radio. Set as an anachronistic western melodrama, the stories follow Ranger Doug, Woody Paul, Too Slim and their compatriots as they fumble, yodel, and hero their way through misadventures and regular adventures - usually opposite the villainous A. Swinburne Slocum and his henchman Charlie.

As the show is a satirical take on actual radio melodramas, it is rather Troperiffic and the Fourth Wall takes a heavy, heavy beating. The characters all alternate between varying degrees of Genre Savvy and Genre Blindness from moment to moment depending on what best entertains, and the writing is definitely not above invoking Meta Humor.

Recorded live at the Emory Theater in Cincinatti, Ohio (The Queen City of the West), the show not only has story exposition but also featured musical guests and short comedy skits.

Incidentally, these are the same guys who performed the theme music to Woody's Round-Up in Toy Story.

Riders Radio Theater provides examples of: