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Radio: Psychopathic Radio
Psychopathic Radio is an Internet radio station run by Psychopathic Records, formally known as WFuckOff Radio. Psychopathic Radio's programming includes original content hosted by Psychopathic artists, including Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Anybody Killa, as well as related personalities such as JCW wrestlers, and artists from other labels, usually accompanied by DJ Fillin, who plays music and sound effects, or joins in on the conversations where needed.

Shows featured on Psychopathic Radio include:

  • The Money Shot - Hosted by SativaDiva & Sasha Doll, The Money Shot discusses sex-related topics, including interviews with porn stars, sex therapists, groupies and escorts, as well as sex advice and contests.
  • Horror Movie Massacre - JCW's Madman Pondo & Crazy Mary Dobson discuss horror movies, interview horror directors/actors and take calls about the genre.
  • Faygoluvers Anonymous - Hosted by Big Ian and The Sandman, the show discusses Underground Rap outside of Psychopathic, general topics and story telling.
  • The Main Event - Violent J and wrestlers Corporal Robinson, Kevin Gill and 2 Tuff Tony discuss Juggalo Championship Wrestling.
  • Ashtrays & Action Figures - Twiztid discuss whatever's on their mind at the time.
  • The Funhouse - Comedian Upchuck the Clown discusses various topics humorously.
  • ThaFukEva!!! - ICP's Shaggy 2 Dope and DJ Clay host unplanned programming.
  • The Coffin - Blaze Ya Dead Homie discusses topics which include the supernatural, music and sports.
  • The Fixx! - Discussion and music from the site's resident deejay, DJ Fillin.
  • The Warpath hosted by Anybody Killa
  • Prozak’s Paranormal Activity Show - Supernatural-based discussion from Strange Music artist Prozak.

Can be heard here.

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