Radar / Winx Club

A note to the readers: this is an Italian series, so Values Dissonance is sometimes present to our non-Italian editors.

  • The early series had the occasional Panty Shot.
  • Some transformation scenes are more risque then others. A few transformations, such as Butterflix, make it look like the girls aren't wearing anything when the transformation begins.
  • The school for warriors is called Red Fountain. That's unusually potent imagery for the young teen demographic.
  • The Trix's crimes. Yes, they are the Arch-Enemy, but it's not often that attempted homicide is so blatant in a children's show.
  • The situations with Darcy/Riven and Bloom/Sky/Diaspro is possibly the closest one could get to adultery in a show meant for ages 5-12.
  • Season 1 episode 26: Thanks to the camera angle, Bloom accidentally moons the audience while she's being chased by Icy. This is edited out in some countries.
  • Late in season two, when Darkar kidnaps Bloom, he has her strapped to a table with a metal piece covering her mouth. That's not the radar material. The radar material is that her legs are wide open and he's almost standing right in front of them. Blame it on lousy angles if you want, but one shot of this arguably makes it look like he's about to rape her.
  • The Halloween Episode in season 2 features many guests at Mitzi's party dressed as several movie, cartoon and anime characters, although with more-or-less slight modifications. One of them looks a lot like Sawaru Ogekuri, the doctor from Ogenki Clinic, a classic Hentai manga and anime. And just to be sure it's not dismissed as mere coincidence, he presents himself as "the best doctor in town."(4Kids cuts out many of them, though.)
  • In the episode where princess Amentia tries to force Brandon to marry her, they at one point end up in her bedroom while Brandon is trying to avoid her. He falls onto her bed, and Amentia crawls close to him saying "Why wait until the wedding?" Apparently, she just wants him to kiss her, but still...
  • When the girls are late for self-defense class, Stella says, before looking into the classroom, "The professor could be a looker like Avalon, and we're about to get physical." Of course, she didn't mean it like that, but... it's Stella we're talking about.
  • In an early episode of season four, there's a scene where Bloom is running toward Sky. She's bent over and we can very clearly see her cleavage.