Radar / Winx Club

  • Has upskirts/panchira at some point.
  • Edited out in some countries, season 1 episode 26 has an unneeded fan service that, while chased by Icy, the camera angle gets Bloom's accidental mooning while her skirt is on. Too close. Why...
  • In an early episode of season 4, there's a scene where Bloom is running toward Sky. She's bent over and we can very clearly see her cleavage.
  • Transformation scenes, some more risque than others.
  • Russian dub of season 2 ep. 1. What were they drinking?..
  • Frutti Music Bar, anyone? Probably the closest the show could get to suggesting alcohol exists.
    • Not really: this is an Italian series, and, due the local obsession on coffee, in Italy a bar is what English-speaking countries would call a coffee house, with the option of selling alcoholics and other beverages (and even food). Even if the Frutti Music Bar was clearly intended to be one of the alcoholics-selling ones, the word doesn't carry the same meaning there.
  • Late in season two, when Darkar kidnaps Bloom, he has her strapped to a table with a metal piece covering her mouth. That's not the radar material. The radar material is that her legs are wide open and he's almost standing right in front of them. Blame it on lousy angles if you want, but one shot of this arguably makes it look like he's about to rape her.