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Headscratchers: Winx Club
  • How is Icy the most powerful witch? Her ice cannot even kill people, yet her sisters control storms (which should include ice by default) and darkness itself!
    • Well Icy is the most evil one out of the three of them. She's very hateful and cruel just for fun, and I'd assume that hatred weighs in on a witch's strength. Also, Icy is charismatic so I'd assume that also contributes to a witch's strength. And actually, her ice *can* kill people, it's just that we usually see Stella unfreezing the frozen person or Bloom unfreezing herself before the coldness of the ice would actually suck the life out of the frozen person.
      • And another reason why her ice can't kill people: The Moral Guardians wouldn't allow it. It's a kid's show.
    • I agree with the first post. I didn't see how ice is more powerful than darkness. Or heck, storms for that matter! Who knows though. Then again, what if Icy isn't as powerful as she supposedly makes herself out to be? I always thought she just convinced her sisters that she's the strongest, and they believed her.
    • Icy's element may seem weaker, but she probably has more magical power than Darcy and Stormy, just like how Bloom has more raw magical strength than everyone else her age. Personality wise Stormy is the kind of person that tends to prefer to just blow stuff up. She can be subtle, but she also rarely thinks ahead. Darcy on the other hand is smart enough to lead, but she's not as good of a fighter as the other two, plus she's tends to be a lone wolf when coming up with plans. Icy however, is charismatic, but more importantly she is very ambitious. She usually thinks faster on her feet and doesn't hesitate to drag her sisters along, whether they like it or not.
    • Icy is mostly more powerful because her ability is opposite to Bloom's. That's really about it. It only holds true in S1 of course, but that's the only real explanation of why she would be any more powerful then her sisters is because Bloom in generally slated to be the most powerful of the Winx.
    • It's mostly due to personalities. Stormy has proved she is more powerful than Icy (first time they get in battle in the series: Tecna uses an energy shield to No Sell Icy's icicle storm, but the shield is shattered by Stormy's thunderbolt), but her temper prevents her to think and use it efficiently, while Icy is very efficient. Darcy, on the other hand, may have the ability to use Mind Control, Mind Rape, illusions (even for scrying and multiply her attack power) and has even showed Super Strength and the ability to set off fires that Bloom can't put off (at least without Enchantix), but she can't get bothered to actually use her superior power most of the time (the one time she showed Super Strength Bloom had just royally pissed her off, and the fire trick happened in the same episode Icy had bragged that Valtor favored her and had gifted her with a fire-based power up) and prefers playing with people's feelings, while Icy always gives her best.
  • Oil floats, at least on Earth. How did the oil get deep enough underwater to get to Andros?
    • Magic?
    • Actually tar sands oil is heavy enough that it will not float on water.
  • Why isn't Mirta part of the Winx?
    • Cute Pumpkin girl? Maybe she has Powers like Flora and they got Flora.
    • Her power was to create illusions out of emotions, I think. But that would be to similar to Nabu's.
    • Nabu is dead, and Stella and Bloom have similar powers.
    • He wasn't dead yet when the Winx last encountered her, and they didn't have the time to send for her before the final battle with the Wizards.
    • I don't understand that either. What really bugs me though is that she didn't stay a witch, and instead becomes a fairy.
      • Dark Is Evil, apparently. Note that she CAN still use her witch powers.
    • Mirta had most of a year's training as a witch and none as a fairy and would have been behind the Winx in power and ability.
  • Why didn't Daphne tell Bloom that she has the dragon fire all along and her Heroic BSOD is blocking her from using it?
    • I think it is because she decided to bring Bloom journeys to Cloud Tower. When she tells her to go to a river and let all her worries go away, that when Bloom gets her powers back.
    • Daphne has limited ability to communicate and Bloom needed to find out herself about her destiny. There would be no story if everything is explained by Daphne all at once.
  • Why did the Trix lose Bloom's dragon fire in the virtual reality chamber?
    • My theory is that in a virtual reality, they can't get her powers there. So that's when they get Bloom's powers in the real world.
    • There's actually enough information in the episode itself, but you have to look closely (more than your average target viewer might be inclined to), and it just raises further questions. Incidentally, this issue doesn't happen in the original, as the whole point of their exercise was to show that Bloom has the Dragonfire.
    • It's just a case of a Dub-Induced Plot Hole. In the Rai version the witches are actually just making sure Bloom possess the Dragon's Flame, so as not make the same mistake as they did with Stella's Ring. The 4kids ending was just pieced together from old episodes.
  • If Roxy is born on Earth, how did she got her powers?
    • She's half-human, half-fairy by her human father and fairy mother, Morgana.
      • All fairy's are human and heredity is no requirement of power in Canon that we know about.
  • How did Morgana put her grudge on humans come to an end?
    • It is Roxy's pleas that really cause her to end her war. Later it is revealed that she is Roxy's mother. That explains that she answers her pleas and the fact that if Morgana destroys humanity, she's going to destroy the people she loves: Roxy and her husband, Klaus.
  • How come Roxy and her father, Klaus, forgot about Morgana?
    • After Morgana gets captured by the Wizards of the Black Circle when Roxy is a little kid, they put up a spell to make Roxy and her father forget about her existence.
      • Why did they do that in the first place?
      • This Troper thought it was so Roxy wouldn't realize she's a fairy, and possibly find a way to SOS to the Magical Dimension for help to save her mother and the other Earth fairies.
      • It was said that it was her mother that made them forget, not the Wizards... But why would she have wanted them to forget at all? Perhaps she could've put some sort of protection spell on them that might have broken when she was old enough to defend herself at least... Why in blazes wouldn't they want help? So many plotholes...
      • The amnesia was set up so that Roxy would not be found out and put in danger if Morgana lost to the Black Circle (Which she did) and therefore the Wizards were unable to find her while she was too young to defend herself.
  • Does Mitzi know about Bloom and her friend being fairies when she sees them in Believix form?
  • Why can't Roxy use other wings on Believix form?
    • My guess is that she is inexperienced.
    • While the guesses below were good, I always thought that she just got an incomplete Believix, just as Bloom got an incomplete Enchantix on Pyros. She was unable to use her other wings because she took a shortcut.
      • Oh, wait, Bloom says on the Amazon episode that they can't let Roxy go with them as she doesn't have Belivix.
      • Actually, Bloom says Roxy can't come along because she doesn't have Believix POWERS. That could mean she has Believix, but not powers associated with Believix.
      • The Winx gained their Believix via Roxy. Her newfound belief may have caused her to skip to this special transformation instead of the standard series leading to Enchantix. This skip ahead may be the cause of her having the form, but NOT the powers.
    • She isn't really a Believix. She's a normal fairy. I don't even think that Believix are that common a kind of fairies, since last season was said that the Enchantix was the highest stage a fairy could achieve. True, at the time they probably didn't think about it, but I always thought that the Believix was a sort of "secret class", or something. notice how her wings are totally different from any of the Believix girls- they all have the same theme playing because either they forgot about the first season's, or because she isn't a Winx.
      • Sirenix kind of tosses the "secret class"/Winx only idea of the post-Enchantix transformations, due to Daphne having obtained it.
    • Roxy is a Winx now, but she was never a Believix fairy. They just made her look like a Believix fairy to help her blend in, design-wise, with the other Winx a little more. Otherwise, she'd look too out of place.
      • Confirmation, please?
      • Or perhaps, it's not really her Believix, but her first transformation. She has big wings due to her being the fairy of animals and they are just based off of butterfly wings.
      • Her wings resemble Believix wings in any case, due to their big size, detailed designs and the stick-shaped elements protruding from them.
      • It could be that she earned her Believix the same way Bloom earned her Enchantix; Sheer Willpower. When Bloom first got her Enchantix she was unable to use the standard powers associated with that form. The same could be true for Roxy.
      • Willpower as a method was explained as being nigh impossible except in Bloom's case.
    • It is possible she is drawn as believix simply for the creative element. Having one standard fairy amongst Believix fairy's would have made her seem less important.
  • Where did the Winx Club go in the end of season 4?
    • Back to Magix and probably back to Alfea.
    • Actually, judging by how Season 4 ended and Season 5 started, I always thought they stayed on Earth to live out the lives they'd made there (Musa's music career, the pet shop, etc.). I'm pretty sure that something happened between them and the Trix on Earth at some point between the two seasons, considering that the Trix are not where they were sent in the end of Season 3, they've lost their powers, and Mitzi knew who the Trix were when they showed up to steal the flower from her little sister (as that doesn't seem like something the Winx would tell many people, especially Bloom's bratty rival).
    • As evidenced by season 5, they decided to stay on Earth for awhile since they liked the place. It was a good place to relax after their adventures in season 4. They presumably closed down Love and Pet and turned down Jason's music offer since neither are mentioned in season 5. Musa is the only one that might consider staying on Earth though, due to having music connections thanks to Jason Queen. Bloom, Stella, and Aisha all have duties elsewhere. Tecna and Flora like Earth, but they don't have as much of a reason to stay there except the band.
  • Why does Riven have a Union Jack wifebeater? He's from another planet - is there an alien Britain out there somewhere?
    • Maybe it's just a fashion statement? After all, fairies from Earth did exist prior to whatever happened in the fourth season, so it's not that huge a leap to think that one liked the pattern to bring some clothing from his/her home planet. Alternatively, he may have bought it on Earth- as this troper remembers seeing it only in the Fourth Season, correct me if wrong.
      • Nope, he was wearing it as early as S1.
    • Stella mentions at one point in the 4kids dub that Earth invented platform heels, so it seems at least in that universe there's some trading of fashion.
  • Why didn't Bloom try to use her healing powers to save Nabu?
    • maybe because she knew that about 3 episodes later he would be walking around again?
  • And that (previous sentence) is my Headscratchers ; why the HECK is a DEAD guy walking around again? (Without Bloom/other super healing power actively bringing him back...) And no, it ain't even a glitch in the animation, because he returns in the FREAKING MOVIE!
    • I still believe his appearance in the last episode of season 4 was an animation error, although we still need an explanation about his appearance in the second movie.
      • It's not confirmed, but popular opinion is that Magical Adventure is an alternate to Season 4. Season 4 depicts what would happen if Bloom got on with her life after finding her family; Magical Adventure is about if she instead tried to live a new life as a princess. This also explains why Roxy isn't at Alfea. However, it brings up the issue of how they achieved Believix...
  • What the hell are Layla's Powers? She's the fairy of water? Courage? Plastic? Condoms? Really, her attacks aren't that clear a theme to figure out (to me anyway).
    • She's the fairy of fluids.
    • Apparently, she controls a substance called Morphix. It is virtually shiny, pink clay.
    • Considering her home realm is mostly aquatic, her powers were likely meant to be water-based. Her morphix also could also be seen as a thick, water-like fluid, and her title was changed from fairy of fluids to fairy of waves, further connecting her to water, more specifically, the ocean.
  • How did the Trix get out of the Realix realm?
    • How did the Trix get INTO the Realix realm in first place?
    • Forget that plothole, I'm still wondering how they went from Megatrix to just regular Trix. And losing their Gloomix to boot.
    • My guess is the Winx or Faragonda or Griffen informed that guy squad that the Trix were in the Realix realm, so the guy squad came, took them, turned them back into individual witches again, took and destroyed their Gloomixes, and then froze the witches. That's how they are the first time we see them in season 3 when the guy squad drops them in the Omega Dimension.
  • Why does the English dub of the movie (and a few dubs derived from it) have scenes cut out? The dubbers don't have the same excuse as 4Kids of having to fit the show in a US timeslot...
  • What did Morgana mean when she said she would look after Nabu until he wakes up?
    • It could mean that Nabu put himself in a coma. If he's in a coma instead of dead, then it's possible for him to wake up.
  • Why is Nebula Driven to Suicide after defeating the Fairy Hunters?
    • Because she feels guilty about everything she's done and thinks she's just as bad as them.
  • Red Fountain is a military academy, which trains its students in the arts of war. Even if most of them are just there for ceremonial reasons, the fact that it still exists suggests that at least one planet which sends students to Magix must have an army of fully trained, possibly experienced soldiers. Why, then, at the end of S1, didn't anyone think to call in this military force, instead entrusting the defense of Alféa to a force of inexperienced, partially-trained teenagers? Even though the teens were capable of repelling the invasion, it just makes sense to have as many fighters as possible to maximize the probability of victory.
    • If this troper recalls properly, it was stated very early on in the war that communication had been cut off. Most of the Magical Dimension probably didn't even KNOW there was a war until after it was won.
    • But surely if ALL communication was cut off, relatives and friends would think that something was very wrong there, right? If you couldn't reach your daughter/son no matter what you did, surely you'd begin to get worried and try to go and check on them...
    • Heraklyon had probably noticed: in her second appearance in S1, Diaspro tries and pull a Gunship Rescue to save Sky (and only Sky: she told him to let the plebeians die for him because he was a prince and would have ruled one day), and uses a vehicle identical, both in model and markings, to the one used by the Heraklyon Royal Guard to bring him back home in the first movie. Sadly, as shown in S2, Heraklyon has a fair share of political problems (a minor local lord who was known to have made attempts on Sky's life was still around and ruling his domain years later, free to openly kidnap Diaspro and demanding enough money to bankrupt the entire planet as ransom. And the king of the planet flat-out admitted that if he didn't pay Diaspro's parents would have him deposed), and the inability to coordinate a hunt for Valtor in S3 hints at a lack of cooperation ability between the various kingdoms. These problems (and possibly treaties) would have slowed down the launch of a counteroffensive. Interestingly, in the last episodes of the season the Trix seemed to be in a hurry, so maybe military forces were coming to the rescue...
  • In season 3's episode 21, when Layla shows the others that Nabu (who was at the time using the fake name Ophir) had stowed away on their ship, Sky exclaims: "Him again?" But Sky and the other specialists hadn't even met Nabu at that point, so how could Sky possibly recognize him?
    • Bloom probably told him about their first encounter.
  • When exactly does the second movie take place? Based on what we know about the movie so far, and the events of season 4, I can't really figure it out...
    • Guess that after Season 4, since they have the Believix.
    • Yes, I was thinking that too, but if that's the case, then where is Roxy? And why is Nabu alive?
      • Same reason he's alive at the end of the 4th season? One can see him TWICE during episode 26 of that season (outside of the flashbacks)
    • I think the second movie takes place after the first six girls achieve Believix, but before Roxy gains hers.
      • And then why couldn't the girls stay in their own apartment when they were on Earth? And why did they just ditch Roxy to go home and complain about how boring princess life is?
    • It's not confirmed, but popular opinion is that Magical Adventure is an alternate to Season 4. Season 4 depicts what would happen if Bloom got on with her life after finding her family; Magical Adventure is about if she instead tried to live a new life as a princess. But then where does Believix come from... hmmmm.
  • How old is Morgana?
  • Was it really necessary to introduce the Believix transformation? I mean, those extra sets of wings are cool and all that, but Enchantix was like supposed to be the final fairy form. And Bloom's Enchantix wasn't even complete until after the events of the first movie, so you'd think she'd be happy that she had managed to gain her full Enchantix even though it was thought to be impossible, but no, once she learns there's another transformation level she immediately decides that she would rather be a Believix fairy...
    • Believix is supposedly only meant for Earth and it's highly unlikely that any fairies outside of the Winx Club could achieve it.
      • Believix is not only achievable on Earth, it can be earned anywhere by getting people to believe in magic. Earth is simply one of the few places where there are people who don't believe in magic.
      • Then wouldn't Stella have gained hers pretty early? IIRC, she got Bloom's parents to believe. Also, it doesn't seem to be much of a higher form, because Believix requires a fairy to get more people to believe otherwise her powers would weaken, right? Believix also has two (or more) sub-transformations that can be gifted, so maybe Believix is more of a semi-cosmetic kind of thing? I mean, it doesn't work under water and really only seems to be strong on Earth, maybe because Earth seems to be the only place where people don't believe in magic. Also, I say semi-cosmetic because the Lovix did keep the girls, minus Roxy, from freezing to death and Sophix made them one with nature. (which does nothing for Flora, huh?)
    • My guess is that Enchantix is the standard final level that all fairies can attain. Other subsequent transformations however, require certain power types, spells or are only earnable within certain realms...
  • In the first movie, Nabu only has a cameo appearance at the end. So, where was he for most of the movie? Why didn't he come along on the mission?
  • So, since the re-modeled Red Fountain is floating in mid-air, how exactly does visitors get up there?
    • Elevator, I assume? I think it was once shown that the school has an elevator, but I can't remember.
    • I always thought that it was some form of teleporters.
  • How come no one in Cloud Tower, including the teachers, noticed that Mirta was missing after she was turned into a pumpkin? I mean, come on. Do they even keep track of their own students? I mean sure, some of them are jerkass witches, but they must have noticed something weird. I mean usually, teachers notice if a student hasn't come to classes, so why didn't they just make a search?
    • Well, the witches are allowed to cause trouble, but get in trouble if they're caught. Perhaps they thought Mirta was ditching school and thought nothing of it, since, if she really had been, she'd only get in trouble if she was caught doing so. Or it might be that since Mirta was a nice witch, they figured she somehow transferred to Alfea.
    • I always believed, especially after seeing the Trix take down Miss Griffin and two teachers a few episodes later, that Miss Faragonda told her about what happened, but Miss Griffin realized that there was really no way she could force Icy to change Mirta back, so she just brushed it under the rug and told everyone to act like nothing was wrong. When you consider that the Trix blow through the barriers Miss Griffin sets up when Bloom and Skye rescue the other witches right before the finale in a few minutes, and that they can easily take over Cloud Tower pretty much every season, that doesn't sound all that farfetched.
    • The Trix only beat Griffin when they had the Dragon Flame, which they didn't have when they changed Mirta, so that can't be it. Besides, if Flora eventually managed it, it's hard to believe Faragonda or Griffin couldn't help Mirta. It's likely that Griffin noticed that Mirta went missing, but she didn't know where to look since the Winx never bothered to tell anybody about what happened to Mirta.
  • Why did Mirta go from being a witch to turning into a fairy? It almost seems to have some Unfortunate Implications, since it gives you the feeling that in order to be good, you can't be a witch (and I believe this series has witches as a race/species, not just a magical group that's evil). I always thought her being the one witch-student at Alfea would make for a nice Dark Is Not Evil aesop. I mean, why not, right?
    • It may have been because she transferred to Alfea and was learning fairy magic instead of witchcraft. She wouldn't have been able to perform fairy magic if she remained a witch. Also, the aesop is not completely ruined. They just did the opposite one. Diaspro is a fairy, but is an antagonist, which would say Light Is Not Good.
    • Mirta also probably thought that she would fit in better at Alfea.
    • Word of God says that witch or fairy is a choice- all girls in the magic dimension are the same species, they each of base magic, and they choose what they want to use it for. Besides the wings, they're effectively the same, but use different sorts of magic.
      • Adding to this, it's explained in the episode where the Winx Club protects Cloud Tower. Witches use darkness and negative emotion to power themselves, while fairies use light and positive emotion (and a Cloud Tower teacher is rather spooked when Musa proves capable of conjuring a lot of negative energy). Both are meant to be good, so the difference is one of personality. Mirta didn't like the things that power witches, so she was more suited to be a fairy.
  • Pixie Village is located on the outskirts of Alfea or somewhere near, right? Layla in Season 2 is shown to have snuck out of the royal palace as a child to go visit the pixies. Problem? She lives in The Realm Of Tides/Andros, which is a whole other dimension. Tell me, how does a little girl manage to teleport herself between one realm and back so frequently with no help at all?
    • I believe it was stated in one episode that the pixies moved their village for safety after Darkar kidnapped them. Also, in the case of teleportation, Layla appears to be about 12 in her flashbacks. Not really that little.
  • The media in Gardenia has been covering the news of the fact that magic exists since the Winx revealed themselves. Has the show given evidence to show that the rest of the world knows as well?
  • Even after the Wizards of the Black Circle are defeated, do Mitzi, Sally and Dharma still have the powers they were given?
  • Why in the world did they butcher the Trix and suddenly convolute a plot to bring Darkar in? Like Valtor, we thought he would be pretty cool, but he turned out to be an annoying and stereotypical bad guy, bringing nothing new to the table other than, "look! I'm evil!" which gets old—FAST. Darkar's tenure with the Trix ended with them half-way decent and locked up in the Light Haven (where the only cool thing about them was their outfits—personally how Darcy and Stormy looked) and the third season presented them as—less than characters we can fear, more like jokes. The movie remedied this a lot, but hopefully they can keep this continuity-wise and not turn them back. The Trix pretty much were the reason why I watched the show besides most of the Cloud Tower witches, and if they're back to jokes, it's pretty much all over—it tells me that the studios dubbing the show don't give a damn about characterization in favor of lame villains and crappy gags.
    • Some people actually consider Valtor a much better villain than Darkar. As for your question, it could be to make the Trix seem even more evil by teaming up with a villain that is even more evil than themselves. Just think about it for a second: The Trix have already done some things that border on attempted murder. If they team up with someone who would have no problem committing genocide...well, what does that say? Yeah.
    • But it felt like such a freaking waste of plot, though. And considering Valtor was—no offense to the fans who liked him—a long-haired Barney Stinson-esque expy with powers that turned out to be an ugly demon in the end, it didn't give me too much of a good feeling when I heard the previously-worked-alone Trix were working with him.
      • What exactly makes you compare Barney Stinson and Valtor? Is there a latent love of suits in the more villainous of the two?
      • Pretty much, yes. Barney Stinson, if he were animated and had longer hair + a fancier suit.
  • Why don't we ever see Faragonda or Griselda transform when they have to fight? Have they achieved some sort of state where they can use their full power without transforming or something?
  • The new Nickelodeon voices are starting to bug me for a reason other than simply being The Other Darrin. Most of the new voices look like they were hired simply because they resemble the Winx, not because they have any talent or experience voice acting. To a lesser extent, it also seems like Nickelodeon is taking advantage of the show to promote their kid actors. Matt Shively as Prince Sky, Arianna Grande as Princess Diasporo, and Elizabeth Gilles as Daphne are huge examples of WTH, Casting Agency?. I am not directly trying to attack the actual actors hired; I mean that both of these tactics are disrespectful to professional voice actors, and to the original show.
    • I'm slowly starting to agree with you. Bloom, Faragonda, Mirta, and the other voices excepting Stella's all sound either too old or too young and just do not match the character. The minute I heard Mirta's voice in the dub, I immediately changed the channel.
    • Personally, I think the voices are just a matter of getting used to. When I watched the first special, I wanted to grate my ears, but now, after watching the third, the voices seem tolerable to me.
    • I'm not a fan. 4kids actors at least sounded different from each other (especially Musa, Tecna, and Stella), but it's hard to tell who's talking when you're not looking at the screen with the Nickelodeon episodes.
  • So... If there were Earth Fairies on Earth, why aren't there any Earth Witches?
  • When the Fairy Hunters hunted and imprisoned all the Earth fairies, why the hell did none of the fairies from other worlds come to Earth to help? Or why did none of the Earth fairies think to ask for help?
  • What is Chimera's power source anyway?
    • It seems to be extreme emotion; I think one of her spells is called "Temper" something, and she seems pretty riled up when she uses it.
    • Presumably it's light since she comes from Solaria. She never specializes in anything on-screen though.
  • Bloom is supposed to be 16 in season one, right? Supposedly, the show is set in America and not Italy. Does this mean Bloom went to Alfea without finishing high school? If that's the case, why is it never brought up? I get that Stella was likely not going to stick around for two years, but it seems odd to me that Bloom's parents have no qualms about allowing her to attend a college when she hasn't even graduated high school yet.
    • Mitzi did bring it up in Season 1. As why Bloom got away with it... Magic?
    • Alfea seems more like a Japanese high school (starting at 10th grade/16 years old) than a college. Besides, I don't really remember Mitzi commenting on Bloom going to college so much as asking how she got kicked out of boarding school, though it's been a while and I might have remembered that wrong.
  • So, in the first movie, the Ancient Witches thought that Bloom was dead, since they didn't see Daphne sending her to Earth. However, during S3, Bloom talks with them and says that she's the princess of Domino. As you can see, this does not compute.
    • No offense, but this Troper doesn't see how that 'does not compute'. How is it relevant for the Witches to know Bloom's alive or not for her to introduce herself as a Princess of Domino?
    • Because if Bloom reveals herself as being the princess of Domino, that would mean she's alive. In other words, that the witches didn't kill everyone of Domino. Yet, in the movie, they thought she was dead. So they forgot there was one survivor left?
      • Ah, that way... You're right. That does not compute. Like some of the other stuff at times.
  • What's Morgana's power source?
  • What is Nabu's Magic Staff made of? When Ogron breaks it in half in S4 episode 13, as well as one of the halves breaking in half pretty easily when Ogron threw it into Sky's path causing him to step on it, it would seem to suggest it would be made of wood Yet when Nabu uses the (apparently repaired) staff in episode 18 of S4 to break apart the giant vines attacking the Specialists, the sound of the staff slicing through the vines suggest that it is made of metal.
    • Maybe he had two staves. The first wooden and the second metallic or plated.
  • How long were the Earth fairies locked away? Morgana claims to have been trapped for centuries, but Roxy, born before the Earth fairies were imprisoned, is still only a teenager.
    • Had only the Earth fairies said that, then it could have been handwaved away by saying that for them it was like Year Inside, Hour Outside. However, both Faragonda and the Wizards of the Black Circle throw around the word centuries, so that option is out. It's possible Morgana somehow sent Roxy, Klaus, and Artu into the future somehow, but that seems unlikely since no hint of Time Travel was ever mentioned, plus in Morgana's flashback Gardenia seemed pretty modern. Since Hagen also uses centuries to describe the last time the Company of Light was together when they had fought the Ancestral Witches less then two decades ago, the most likely explanation seems to be that nobody in the Winx Club universe knows what the word century means. The Earth fairies were probably trapped for less than two decades.
    • Maybe the first fairy was sealed centuries ago and Morgana was one of the last fairies that were recently sealed away?
  • Why did the Winx seem so surprised to visit the Magic Archive (in Season5), when they had already visited it during the 2nd season? The only ones who should be awe-struck are the Specialists.
    • Even if they have seen it before, it's still an impressive room that they haven't seen in a while. Not to mention that it's probably changed a little bit since they last visited the Magic Archive. Alternatively, there are two Magic Archives in Alfea, which may explain why Concorda, the pixie that is supposed to be bonded to the Archives, is nowhere to be found.
  • Why don't the Underwater Pixies warn all of the rest of the gate keepers to hide so Tritannus doesn't steal their powers?
    • Because as gatekeepers, their job is to guard the gate. Most likely, they feel obligated to put up some kind of fight.
  • Bloom has been shown to have some knowledge on fairies and fairy tales even before first meeting Stella (she even recognized what Knut was!). How comes she didn't think realize that Earth Fairies could be rather genocidal after being imprisoned for decades, maybe even centuries?
    • Because those fairy tales, as Stella said, were written by humans. Creatures like ogres are common in scary fairy tales for children, so of course, Bloom would recognize one. In other words, Bloom's "knowledge" was fiction-based. She only knew stories written by humans, which, of course, wouldn't include the actual history.
    • A very accurate fiction: your common modern fairy is pretty much like Stella, Palladium is an elf and looks like one, Wizgiz is a Leprechaun and looks like one, and the seat of Earth fairies is exactly where Irish mythology says the group of fairies called Tuatha Dé Danann settled after being defeated by the Milesian invaders. Between that and Nebula's omnicidal rage, it should have told her that maybe Earth fairies were a little unhinged when compared to those of other realms...
      • "Modern Fairy" is the right term for describing Stella. There are lots of children books which don't portray fairies the way older fairies. Remember Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother? Sleeping Beauty and the Fairies who came to grant her gifts, no catch at all? It's entirely possible that her storybooks were more of the Victorian image of fairies in which they were kind, beautiful and magical rather than the older, traditional stories were they were...yeah...
  • How come Diaspro has reappeared in Season 5? Her deal with Valtor in Season 3 costed her a banishment, as mentioned by Sky back then, yet no fuss is made of her reappearance, even if it was for a good cause (insufferable as she is, she could have been really useful in helping the amnesiac Sky recover his memory). Only possible explanations are that she reformed off-screen (she doesn't interact with Bloom but doesn't appear hostile) and was allowed to return home, or that she got a temporary lift of the banishment because it was requested by the princess of Flora's planet.
    • All that is known about Diaspro's punishment is that she was banished from Eraklyon. She's probably been chilling somewhere else, since she's probably still rich. Crystal likely doesn't know the full details of what Diaspro did, so while trying to help Sky she came across Diaspro and asked for her help. As for why no one is concerned about her doing anything, well she's not much of a threat. She's not a monster with a large amount of power, nor is she a brilliant schemer. Bloom is busy at the time, and Brandon can keep an eye on her just in case. Besides, she does want to help him, even if she has had terrible dealings with the Winx in the past, so they'll let it slide.
    • As of Episode 16 of season 5 Diaspro apparently is now allowed inside the palace, acting as an aid to Sky's parents. In fact in the episode itself she gets 'promoted' as it were to be the King's liaison and is sent to retrieve Sky. Either her banishment was lifted at some point, or everyone forgot that she was banished at all. She's not a brilliant schemer as said before, but she apparently can make any situation work for her.
  • What happened to the Patchamen? At the end of the episode they appeared in Bloom tricked them in going to Earth, but after that...
  • So...HOW is Tritannus's family related to Aisha? If they are truly blood related that would mean that one of Aisha's parents is a sibling to one of Tritannus's parents. Aisha,though affiliated with water,is clearly not part mermaid and none of the merpeople are ever seen taking human form or coming on land(the conference on Domino even had to take place in a room with a giant pool so that Tressa and her brother could take part). Even if it's possible for merpeople and the land dwellers to procreate, there's still the mermaid problem.
    • In the season finale King Teredor calls King Neptune brother, but yeah that doesn't explain the whole mermaid/human thing
  • So The Trix and Tritannus are torturing Daphne for info on Sirenix. Um, Daphne's a spirit and therefore shouldn't be able to feel physical pain, but The Trix manage to hurt her and even keep her in one place. Yeah, they are using magic, but as I said, Daphne has no physical body, so shouldn't the spells be ineffective?
    • We've seen occasions where Bloom has been able to touch Daphne and, in the first movie, they were shown hugging. So although she's a spirit, it's safe to say Daphne is capable of physical contact.
  • For the last few seasons and the movies Stella introduces herself as "the fairy of the shining sun", but don't her powers also come from the moon? Shouldn't this also make her the fairy of the moon?
    • Nickelodeon changed her title from "fairy of the sun and the moon" to "fairy of the shining sun" because any moon-related powers were rarely shown. Throughout the entire series, she was only shown using a moon-related power twice. This also makes her relation with stars more plausible because the sun is a star whereas the moon is not.
  • What is Beta Academy? I know it's Chimera's school, but is it for fairies or witches? Also, how many magic schools are there? Alfea, Cloud Tower, and Red Fountain seem to be the top schools, but some dialog seems to indicate that there are more schools out there.
    • There are likely many schools. Chimera is apparently a fairy, but she also appears to be younger than Stella, so Beta Academy may be the equivalent of middle school for fairies.
      • I would need to watch it again, or check if it was a dub thing, but when Chimera first appears with her two friends they proceed to knock down Alfea suggesting that there is some animosity between schools, which is unlikely if Beta is a middle school. It was more implied that it's an alternate school for magic. That said, what kind of school is Alfea anyway? Bloom is 16 when she goes in S1, so is therefore still in high school but it's often referred to being a college. And then the girls are basically "graduated" and were teachers at the start of S4 but suddenly back to attending classes in S5. No real explanation is given at any point other then the implication that they consistently have to improve their magical abilities.
      • It's an Italian thing high schools are called colleges and colleges are called universities.
      • Not exactly: it's only in the US that 'college' means university, while in the rest of the world it's any school, especially if it's a boarding school (college initially was just the boarding for university students who couldn't both pay the books and tuition at the same time of the food and a place to sleep), and at most is part of an university. Incidentally, when an Italian talks of a 'collegio' (the equivalent of college) he's usually talking of a boarding school, so that, and Eton College, are the reasons both Alfea and Cloudtower are referred as colleges.
      • In season 6 it's confirmed that there are other magic schools, so far we've seen Lynphea College where Flora's siste Miele goes, the Golden Auditorium, and the Eraklyon Institute where Diaspro goes
  • Whatever happened to Diaspro being a fairy? After season 1, she never transforms or uses her own powers. And wasn't she a princess? Why would a snotty, spoiled princess give up being royal to become an attendant to a king who had previously banished her?
    • Diaspro seems to care more about trying to win Sky back than anything else. If it allows her to keep Sky away from Bloom, she'll go for it.
  • Are the Trix related by blood? I know each of them are descended from one of the ancestral witches and they call each other "sister", but they certainly don't look related. One episode (in season 3, I think?) does imply that they were raised together...
    • Siblings do not have to look like each other to be related. Flora and her sister don't. In Real Life, some people who remain friends throughout childhood, especially if the friendship started in toddlerhood, grow up to have a sibling-like bond with each other. This may be what happened with the Trix.
  • Why does no one seem upset that Bloom is messing with the balance of nature by wishing Daphne back to life? I mean, Musa decides not to use her Sirenix wish to revive her mother for this very reason!
    • There's a difference between reviving a dead person (Musa's mother) and restoring a disembodied spirit (Daphne). Bloom's wish was for the Sirenix curse to be broken, not specifically for Daphne's revival.
      • OP here. I seem to recall that in seasons 1 to 4 and the movies Daphne is consistently referred to as being dead(more to the point she was killed by the ancestral witches on Domino)then in season 5 NICK said she was killed by the Sirenix curse(so still dead,just by a different means). Therefore if Bloom's wish was just to break the Sirenix curse shouldn't Daphne still be dead or at least gone on to a higher plane of existence? Bloom's wish was not specifically for Daphne's revival yet somehow she is revived anyway,so isn't that still messing with the balance of nature?
  • How old is Daphne? She has Sirenix so does that mean she has Winx, Charmix, and Enchantix too? If so, she would have been at least 18 by the time Bloom was born, but then how old were Oritel and Marion when Daphne was born?
    • Negative Continuity is to blame here. In season two, Bloom dreams of seeing her parents as a newborn baby and Daphne appears to be no older than ten years old. When she's shown carrying Bloom out of danger to Earth, she looks at least 18. Bloom is 16 years old at the start of the show and, assuming the characters have aged, whether Daphne was 10 or 18 when Bloom was born, there is no way she could be under 30. And if she's 18 years older than Bloom, that puts her near 40!
  • How is Miele 16? When we first see her, she's half Flora's height! She looks no older than 6 or 7. I once read somewhere that she was ten at that time. So in three seasons, this little girl aged around 6-10 years? Even if the two movies each count as a year, Miele should not be 16.
    • Because! Um... well. EXTREEEEEME! Seriously though, it's just because the writers said so. No other reason.
  • What was the point of introducing Roxy? No, seriously. They gave this girl an entire season and backstory, only for her to be booted out by the next season. If she wasn't going to join the club, why was she played up so much to begin with? It makes the entirety of season four seem like filler from start to finish.

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