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If Cartoon Network can get away with a Panty Shot on a kids show, imagine what else they can do...

Like MA Dtv and MAD magazine itself, this show became notorious for pushing the boundaries of acceptable content for kids.
  • The Panty Shot from "Grey's In Anime" (shown on the page).
    • In the original animatic of "Grey's In Anime," the Panty Shot scene was also supposed to have the monitor read "WTF" ("What the fuck"), but when the episode was actually animated, the screen was left blank. Considering that the upskirt shot remained, could this be a possible case of using a Censor Decoy?
  • Speak and Swear on "Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters": "How the [bleep] should I know!?". Granted, it was bleeped out, but it still counts.
    • In "Class of the Titans" They drop FIVE F-BOMBS! Justified in that the name of the character who drops these five F-bombs is Curseus.
    • Both episodes originally aired rated TV-PG like every other episode, but sooner or later, they were re-rated TV-PG for obscured offensive language (L).
  • In "Big Time Rushmore," one of the costume ideas George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln wear to create their boy band image are kinky, S&M-style leather attire. Lincoln is the only one who liked wearing his costume and when the four turn back to normal thanks to their fairy godmother Taylor Swift, Abe is the only one who keeps his costume.
  • Spider-Baby got away with a strong breastfeeding joke involving Mary Jane coming in to babysit. Getting more specific, the scene has Mary Jane ask Spider-Baby, "Is someone hungry?" in a seductive voice, with the camera visibly zooming on her boobs.
  • And in "Fantastic Megan Fox" Megan Fox considers targeting Scarlett Johansson's eyes...just as the camera focused on her breasts.
    • Also on "The Fantastic Megan Fox," Scarlett Johanssen shrieks, "What the cuss?!" when the literally-depicted Megan Fox steals her eyes. Justified in that in the movie The Fantastic Mr. Fox, they use "cuss" as a substitute for all swear words.
  • "The Da Grinchy Code" had Indiana Jones's line, "I'll take this stick here/My Staff of Ra/And shove it on up/Your tiny Who-Kah!" with one of the Whos gulping and turning pale (The Who-Kah was a Dr. Seussian machine).
  • "Pokémon Park": "Yeah, we got their balls! ...Stop laughing!". The fact that the James parody says it makes it even funnier.
  • The Juicy, Jr.'s fake commercial has a kid (who ordered the newest sandwich that makes life messy for him — his shirt gets stained, he gets blamed for keeping his room dirty, and a bully punches the kid after accusing him of calling him a bonehead) end up in jail for a murder he didn't commit. The burger at the end says, "Fresh meat!" and snickers.
    • Not to mention the body tape outline had the head separated from the body.
  • In Pirates of the Neverland they got away with a message on the back of Hook's ship: "ship happens".
    • Plus, there was a sketch that not only references a certain lesbian-related Katy Perry song, but she kisses the Liberty Bell "on the crack"
  • Meredith says she's got just the thing for Rogue in "The Clawfice" after Rogue tries to absorb her persona and becomes depressed.
  • Fireworks come out of Katy Putty's breasts in the "Flammable" sketch, but that also happened in the "Fireworks" music video they parodied. There's also the rather violent ways the paper woman and the clay man were burned (not the Sesame Street-esque muppet man; he was singed rather badly, but he was rescued in time by a pair of live-action hands with a fire extinguisher) and the implication that Katy Putty is a pyromaniac.
  • In Snott Pilgrim vs the Wonderful World of Disney, where the title character has to fight the 7 dwarves, who are Snow's "evil exes", we hear this:
    Snott: I'm not gonna fight a bunch of *bleep*
    (collective gasp)
    Dwarf #1: Did he say the m-word?
    Dwarf #2:...Munchkins?
    Dwarf #1: No! The other one!
    Snott: I said 'old men'. I don't even know why they bleeped it.
    • Give up? It's midgets, which has come under fire for being a slur against the vertically-challenged.
  • "Gaming's Next Top Princess" is essentially a beauty pageant which picks out the hottest videogame character ever made, with many female characters who're already heavily sexualized in their own games and fan bases. They're even showcased in Boobs-and-Butt Pose stylized character introductions. Particular mention should go to Felicia and Lara Croft, who're both featured in mature games.
    • Also Birdo, who isn't even humanoid was a high runner-up. Think about it.
  • In "Total Recall Me Baby", a mash-up of "Total Recall" and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe", there was an adult joke where they randomly showed a three-breasted old woman, referencing Kaitlyn Leeb's character from the original Total Recall. You know, the hooker at the futuristic bar?
  • The Spy vs. Spy segments occasionally show rather graphic violence, such as one where the White Spy gets impaled and is visibly bleeding and another where his face gets blown off by the Black Spy, exposing his skull.
  • The random reference to Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt in "Parent Trainer" could count; it's not inappropriate in and of itself, but the anime it's referencing tends to be really, really vulgar and risque.