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Quotes: Wolverine Publicity
A Wolverine appearance? How novel. Seriously, this is the third time I've run into you this week, Logan.
Iron Man, Runaways (written in 2005)

Matt Murdock: [Wolverine's] still an X-Man?
Steve Rogers: Yes.
Matt: And an Avenger?
Steve: When he can.
New Avengers (written in 2005)

Wolverine: Hey, I'm an X-Man and on two Avengers teams.
Mockingbird: Yeah, how the hell do you do that?
Wolverine: Multi-tasking. It's my mutant power. Don't tell anyone.
New Avengers (written in 2010)

Rictor: Some unexpected showed up at the front door... you'll never guess who.
Wolfsbane Aw, God...
Shattershar: God?
Rictor: Uhm... no.
Shatterstar: Justin Bieber?
Rictor: No, it's not...
Shatterstar: Wolverine?
Rictor: Holy crap.
Wolfsbane: How did ye know?
Shatterstar: Well, he tends to be everywhere. Not at much as Justin Bieber, but still...
X-Factor #230

Cyclops: All right men, you heard Beast: Jean has once again turned evil. So we're just going to have to kill her. Again. As usual we will split into teams: Team A will consist of myself, Emma, Colossus (who is also apparently back from the dead), Beast, and Wolverine. Team B will consist of Havok, Polaris, the other Xorn, Iceman, and Wolverine.
Wolverine: Uh, okay...?
Cyclops: Team C will consist of Storm, Psylocke, Jubilee will be on the team but not do or say anything, Bishop, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine.
Wolverine: Now wait just one minute here!
Cyclops: Team A will search the grounds to find and detain Phoenix. Team B will stay at the Mansion to fend off inevitable attacks from the Brotherhood. And Team C will go have adventures in Europe or something.
Wolverine: Wait up, eh! *pant pant pant pant* Whew!
Cyclops: Did you find Jean?
Wolverine: No, I just ran here from helping Team C in Europe!
Floating Hands Studios, summing it up nicely in Dark Phoenix Rising

Cyclops: Since when are you in the Avengers anyway, Wolverine?
Wolverine: I was getting bored only being on three teams while having my own solo adventures. Ya know a guy's gotta live a little!
Floating Hands Studios again putting it very succinctly in House of M, Part 1

"He's in EVERY BOOK. I think he just joined the JLA, and for some reason he's in the revised Penguin edition of Little Dorrit.
Joss Whedon on Wolverine, SFX Magazine interview, 2006

"He's the best there is at what he does, and what he does is make gratuitous guest appearances."

Mike: Wolverine, or The Wolverine, is the second attempt to make a movie just about Wolverine. Except for the first three X-Men movies *snaps fingers*.
Jay: Oh, snap! Oh no he di'int!

Chris: I actually do like the way the twist plays out with Magneto’s target turning out to be Rogue. As X-Men fans, we’re kind of conditioned to expect everything to revolve around Wolverine, and I like that Singer and Hayter play off of that here. Even the characters are surprised when it’s not about that dude for once.
Matt: Yeah, Professor X seems to be apologizing to Wolverine that something was about someone other than him, like Wolverine signed a superstar contract or something.
Comics Alliance on the X-Men film series

"Seriously, how f**king hilarious and sad is it that Superman dies twice and then gets shot by Batman in his own Best-Of collection? At this point, I literally feel bad for a fictional character for how hard they are s**tting on his birthday cake. Listen, DC: I’m allowed to like Batman more than Superman. You should at least try to pretend you love them both."

"At the time, even young me was old enough to be getting fed up with Marvel and DC. Around then the Clone Saga was happening in Spider-man, and my young mind was struggling with the concept that they really didn’t have any kind of decent plan for this thing, as was becoming increasingly obvious as it ground on. They were just gonna keep pumping this shit out until people stopped buying it, and then they’d put Carnage or Venom on a cover and people would buy it again. At that age, I still had a kind of trust that if artists were working on this story and selling it to me, they must have some vague notion of what they were doing. I was really struggling with the idea that they didn’t, and I was being introduced to the concept of editorial control and how much the artists could be fucked with by the people trying to synchronize the business end of these things."

"Maybe Worf was an ambassador for a year and then got bored. Y'see, each movie, the reason for Worf being there gets less and less important. First, he's on the Defiant and is beamed over in battle. Then he's, um... was at a conference...? Or somethin'? Now he's just there, and don't ask why. If they don't care, I'm not gonna care!"

"It seems the only goal here was to shove Worf into the story by any means necessary. Much like Worf’s appearances in every TNG movie."

"Ryder was carted off on a stretcher and was diagnosed with a broken back. Naturally, Eve blamed this on John Cena, who had been out of the spotlight for several minutes and could really use the attention."

"Just because the press is willing to make a fuss about every aspect of your life doesn't mean you have to take them up on it. You don't have to be on television every minute of every day. You're the president, not a rerun of Law & Order. Every time I turn on the TV, there's Obama! He's getting a puppy! He's eating a cheeseburger with Joe Biden! He's doing his retard hunk on Leno. He's taking Michelle to Broadway, and then to Paris. Oh, it's the best season of The Bachelor yet!"
Bill Maher, Real Time with Bill Maher, on Barack Obama's first 6 months as President.

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