Quotes / Woman Scorned

A tigress robb'd of young, a lioness,
Or any interesting beast of prey,
Are similes at hand for the distress
Of ladies who can not have their own way;
But though my turn will not be served with less,
These don't express one half what I should say:
For what is stealing young ones, few or many,
To cutting short their hopes of having any?
Lord Byron, Don Juan, V.132.1-8

Kelis, Caught Out There

Bernadine, Waiting to Exhale

Baby, I have no story to be told,
But I heard one on you, and it's gonna make your head burn.
Think of me in the depths of your despair,
Making a home down there as mine sure won't be shared.
Adele, Rolling In The Deep.

Joey dug into her jeans and took out her platinum wedding band, bouncing it in the palm of her hand. She didn't bother to re-read the engraving on the inner rim, which she knew by heart: "To Joey, the girl of my dreams. Love, CRP." Joey closed her fist around the ring and, with the other hand, lifted the lid off the tank.
"Try nightmares, schmucko," she said. "Girl of your nightmares."
Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen

"You hurt me, Hal. And now I'm never going to stop trying to hurt you back."
Star Sapphire, Justice League: Doom

Chris Rock: (narrating) Here’s a tip you should never forget! If your woman is mad at you, leave her at home. Cause a mad woman will say anything!
Woman: He got weed! HE GOT WEED!
(buzzer sounds, with "NO" captioned)
Chris: If your woman is mad at you, there’s nothing she’d like to see more than you getting your ass kicked by the police.
(cut to man being beaten by police officers)
Woman: That’s right! Kick his fuckin' ass! He got weed! HE GOT WEED!
The Chris Rock Show, "How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police"