Quotes / Wicked Cultured

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    Comic Books 

You're a cook. I don't kill cooks. Although... there was that one time in Boston. But all I'd have to do is get the jury to taste his salmon mousse, and there isn't a court in the land that would convict me.
The Shade, Starman, "Incident In An Old Haunt"

    Fan Works 

For a complete, reprehensible monster, Iruel has a wonderful singing voice.
Nobody Dies, on the Eleventh Angel

    Film - Live-Action 

What a lovely, lovely voice.

I can see you~, Kirk. Can you see me? Ah, now let's be honest, captain... warrior to warrior. You prefer it this way, don't you? No peace in our time. Once more unto the breach... dear friends.

This particular time and place, and for my work, they are necessary evils. Not my friends. However, with the right connections, even in this part of the world, we are not entirely uncivilized.
Rene Belloq, Raiders of the Lost Ark


He was not a man without refinement, despite the popular depiction of him as a wizened tyrant, too feeble to lead the invasion himself and too fierce to leave Cho in peace. Tsehan loved fine things, as the diplomats attested. His reception hall was bright with luxuries: sculptures of light and parabolic mirrors, paintings on silk and bamboo strips, mosaics made from shattered ancient celadon. He served tea in cups whose designs of seasonal flowers and fractals shifted in response to the liquid's temperature or acidity. "For the people of Yamat," he said, but everyone knew these treasures were for Tsehan's pleasure, not the people's.
— "Between Two Dragons" by Yoon Ha Lee

Zaroff: Oh yes, I have electricity. We try to be civilized here.
Rainsford: Civilized? And you shoot down men?

Sherlock Holmes: Apart from what you have told me, can you give me any further information about the man?
Colonel Sir James Damery: He has expensive tastes. He is a horse fancier. For a short time he played polo at Hurlingham, but then this Prague affair got noised about and he had to leave. He collects books and pictures. He is a man with a considerable artistic side to his nature. He is, I believe, a recognized authority upon Chinese pottery and has written a book upon the subject."
Sherlock Holmes: A complex mind. All great criminals have that. My old friend Charlie Peace was a violin virtuoso. Wainwright was no mean artist. I could quote many more.
The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, "The Adventure of the Illustrious Client"

    Live-Action TV 

I saw their production of Giselle in 1890. I cried like a baby - and I was evil!
Angel, "Waiting in the Wings"

Wade: Did I ever tell you I have a Master's in literature?
Garibaldi: Don't take this personal, but you don't look like the type.
Wade: Everything is illusion, Mr. Garibaldi. Concepts of language, light, metaphor — nothing is real. Except for this blindfold, which you will put on now.

Scorpius: Revenge is a dish that is best served cold. And you like revenge, don't you, John?
Crichton: Shut up! I hate it when villains quote Shakespeare!
Farscape, "Crackers Don't Matter"

Evil Genius: Forgive the blindfold, Mr. Cooch. An unfortunate necessity, I'm afraid. I bid you welcome to the new headquarters of my organization.
Mr. Cooch: Yeah, very nice, call me Ryan.
Evil Genius: Alas, I abhor informality.

You know what the most dangerous thing in America is, right? Nigger with a library card.
Brother Mouzone, The Wire

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 

Bah! You're a traitor to your country and yet you still stand there trying to be eloquent!
King Corlo to Messala, Wonder Project J

    Web Original 

There actually is some good Lex stuff in this scene Kevin Church mentioned to me that one of the few things he likes about this movie is that Lex totally prison shanks Superman with a Kryptonite shiv. Its a great little moment of brutal, dirty savagery that creeps through the exterior of this guy who is constantly seen in tailored suits.
Chris Sims on Superman Returns

I'm the bon vivant of violence
A licensed psychiatrist
who dines on highest society
To the sound of violins!

He's a savage beast, but he listens to Beethoven. He feeds on the innocent, but is still intelligent and well-spoken.

    Western Animation 

I've just destroyed the fusion limiters from Reed Richards' dimensional reactor. In exactly one minute, it will create a minute tear in the spacetime continuum, reducing this building - and, regrettably, most of Manhattan - to cosmic DUST!
Pity, really. I never did get to see Cats.
- Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four

Flash: (in an art museum) Wow. Someone sure did a number on this place.
Ultra-Humanite: Actually, I hadn't even started. Do you believe the horrendous amount of public funding spent on this so-called "art?" (starts shooting) It's garbage! An affront to any decent human aesthetic!
Flash: O-kaaay. I'll just take you back to prison where you won't have to look at the ugly old sculptures anymore.
Justice League, "Comfort and Joy"

To defeat an enemy, you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics, but their history, philosophy, art.
Grand Admiral Thrawn, Star Wars Rebels

Phantom Limb: Rembrandt van Rijn a hundred fifty years ago, Delacroix said of Rembrandt that his works would be held higher than those of Raphael. His blasphemous prophecy came true within fifty years, and this one could be yours for the pittance of 10 million, American.
Mafioso: No, I want the Mona Lisa.
Phantom Limb: Look, the Mona Lisa's not a better painting, it's merely a more famous one, and it was made more famous because it was stolen. And this was stolen, so...

    Real Life 

Hitler loved good music and many top Nazis were cultured and sophisticated men, but it didn't do them, or anyone else, much good.

I've been trying to find a redeeming feature to Palpatine, and the only one I've got so far is that he's clearly a patron of the arts because he goes to the opera.