Quotes / Used to Be a Sweet Kid

I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing, 'till they
Got a hold on me
I opened doors for little old ladies
I helped the blind to see
I got no friends 'cause they read the papers
They can't be seen with me
And I'm getting real shot down, and I'm
Feeling mean
Alice Cooper, "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

Look at you, Jen. You were a sweet kid. Look at you now, the stuff of nightmares.
Cleaves, to Jennifer's Ganger, Doctor Who: The Almost People

''That sweet little kid grew up to be a monster, and the worst father in the history of fathers."
Zuko, regarding a picture of a baby Ozai, Avatar: The Last Airbender

They used to be just like me and you
They used to be sweet little boys
But something went horribly askew
Now killing is their only source of joy

That boy had wanted to be Ser Arthur Dayne, but someplace along the way he had become the Smiling Knight instead.

“She was so sweet back then. When we were kids, she never hurt anyone. She liked animals, mainly bunnies. She cried a lot, but that was okay, because she had Rarity and… me…”
Standard Rainbow Dash on Standard Fluttershy, Chrono Reflect

Ikki: Remember when he [Meelo] used to be so nice and sweet?
Jinora: No.

"You were a good boy, Maxwell. Shame you were such a shit man."
Alexander Anderson, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged