Literature: Maul Lockdown

"The Power of the darkside is never more dangerous then when it's cornered."

The Novel focuses on Darth Maul as he secretly enters the prison Cog Hive Seven which doubles as a death match where the prisoners fight one another. He in this because he is trying to find Iram Radique (whom Sidious told his master that they were going to kill but in truth Sidious wants Radique's services.) Meanwhile both Banda Gora and Jabba the Hutt attack the prison.

  • Bad Ass: Darth Maul as he was able to fight both a Yuuzhan Vong and Wompa without his lightsaber or displaying his force abilities.
    • Badass in Distress: His next fight had him chained underwater and facing an Aqualish (a species that can handle that situation quite well).
  • Moving Buildings: This is Cog Hive Seven's specialty as the warden (who uses her sibling's algorithm) to shift the prisoner cells around till they connect with that of another prisoner. Then the deathmatch begins.
  • Only One Name: Deconstructed. Dakarai Blurr needs to perfect his algorithm for his sister and serve Radique so he created his Twilek persona who goes by the name Zero.
  • Single Specimen Species: Played with, the readers know the creature Maul is fighting is a Yuuzhan Vong but since this is back WAY in 33 bby they have no idea what species that prisoner is. Hell some guards thing it might be female.
  • Smug Snake: Oh there are quite a few.