Quotes / Unknown Rival

He says he knows me
But I don't know that guy
He's waving at me
But he looks kind of mad
They Might Be Giants, "Bastard Wants to Hit Me"

Lanipator claims I have animosity
You know what I think? Who the hell is he?

Optimus Prime: Megatron?!
Megatron: Ah, then you do remember my name. Pity I can't remember yours.
Transformers Animated, "Transwarped"

Jeff: Black Rider! It's Jeff Winger. I'm sure you've heard of me by now.
Black Rider: No.
Jeff: He's lying!
Community, "Fistful of Paintballs"

Ah yes, my old friend
You are a master of this game
The hidden blade when you pretend
That you don't even know my name
Well played
Nemeses by Jonathan Coulton

It's a big game though, England/Germany, a big game. For England. Germany usually has some bigger games still to go.
—Henning Wehn on The World Cup, The Now Show.

Control Freak: Well, if it isn't my old arch-nemeses, the Teen Titans!
Beast Boy: Uh... yeah... (to Cyborg) Who's this guy? (Cyborg shrugs)
Teen Titans, Fear Itself