Quotes / The Sacred Darkness

"To truly see, your eyes must be open to both light… and dark."
Father Balder, Bayonetta

"Confused evil souls, be buried in darkness and sleep. Let the shadows purify you."
Lowemon, Digimon Frontier

"This is a more alchemical perspective: spirit needs to be embodied; alchemy recognizes that both Light and Dark are divine and deserving of our respect."
Biblioteca Arcana, on Fire

"Here we are unconditionally whole, where we live in the divine paradox of the unknown. Yin is as good as yang. Together they make up the Tao, where all is perfect. Nobody is more or less special than anyone else. Here in fact, nothing is sacred because there is nothing here that is not sacred."
Randine Lewis

“If life has days, it also has nights. If there’s light, there’s dark, too. There’s lots of fun things to do in the dark.”
Grizzly, Shirokuma Cafe

"He made darkness His secret place; His pavilion round about him were dark waters and thick clouds of the skies."
Psalm 18:11

->"Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty."
Psalm 91:1

"Holy darkness, blessed night, Heaven's answer hidden from our sight, as we await you, O God of silence, we embrace your holy night."
Dan Schutte

"The gods gave Man the darkness so that he might sleep in peace, wrapping it around him as a blanket against the harsh light of day. The darkness reminds us of death, and thus, of sweet life. The darkness gives tone to the world, rich and varied."
— "Leamonde Entite Bestiary Entry, Page 1: Observations", Final Fantasy XII

"The House of Night gardens had been created to be fully enjoyed only after the sun set. Night blooming jasmine, moon flowers, evening primrose, and lilies opened to the moon and released a fragrance that was sweet and satisfying, and stretched on for acres and acres. Dozens of fountains and statuary were situated throughout the grounds, each of them illustrating a different version of the Goddess, Nyx.
I'd searched and easily found a willow tree that curtained an area not far from a particularly beautiful statue of the Goddess, arms raised, lush body unashamedly naked. Under my new willow, I also found the familiar darkness and the shadows that soothed my battered body and spirit.
The waning moon was high in the sky, but shielded by clouds it afforded little light. I'd been glad of the cloud cover. I'd felt comforted by the darkness and as one with the shadows, so much so that by the time I reached the Wheiler House it seemed as if I had become a shadow myself."

"O guiding dark of night!
O dark of night more darling than the dawn!
O night that can unite
A lover and loved one,
Lover and loved one moved in unison."
— "The Dark Night of the Soul", by St John (translated by A.Z Foreman)

"When the sun's out, and the moonlight is in
It blankets the land and a new life begins..."
— "The Children of the Night" by Bliss N Eso

"The Butterfly's Wife looked at Balkis, and saw the most beautiful Queen's eyes shining like deep pools with starlight on them, and she picked up her courage with both wings and said, "O Queen, be lovely for ever.""
— "The Butterfly That Stamped", by Rudyard Kipling

"I said to my soul, be still, and let the dark come upon you
Which shall be the darkness of God."
— "Four Quartets", by T.S Elliot

"Sudden brightness clove the preying darkness, brightness that was itself a golden darkness, brightness so bright it was darkness."
The Ballad Of Nat Turner, by Robert Hayden

"O night, O holy night
O night divine"
— "Tuning Out", Bastille

"I see skies of blue,
and clouds of white.
The brights blessed day,
the dark, sacred night"
— "What a Wonderful World", Louie Armstrong