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Their bodies hadn't really stopped from the wobble their crashing together had started. The swaying increased slowly until they were stutter-stepping backwards across the dining room towards the living room, still holding each other tightly together. Their erratic, blind path ended with Shinji's heels encountering one of the beanbags near the TV. He toppled backwards into the beanbag, their mutual grip pulling Asuka down to end up sprawled on top of him.
The impact of the landing briefly interrupted the kiss. Shinji opened his mouth to say something in surprise at the trip, but Asuka's lips met his again before he even got the first syllable out. He did not protest, his arms wrapping more fully around her back, savoring the warm, solid feel of her against him. His hands slowly stroked up and down her back. He still felt dizzy, but this wasn't a feeling he wanted to stop. He felt like someone had blown the top of his head off and it was spinning somewhere around the ceiling.
He couldn't tell how long they lay there. Eventually, the nearly frenetic pace of their kissing slowed to more languid, relaxed ones. Finally they broke off for a longer pause, breathing hard, foreheads pressed together. Shinji struggled for what to say.
"Wow. That was….um….wow."
"Yeah," she responded just as softly. Her eyes were still closed.
His brain was still spinning from the high. He couldn't come up with anything coherent to say.

Too late. Asuka takes Shinji's head in her hands and kisses him hard on the lips. The kiss feels like it could last for an eternity, while their tongues dance in their mouths. It's like when the two of them danced together while battling Israphel, the 7th Angel. The only sounds audible are the pops and pams from the fireworks behind them. Asuka can't believe the sensations that are forcing their way into her...she didn't want to fall for Shinji, but it's already too late. On the other side, Shinji returns the kiss with all his heart. He really loves Asuka, despite all the things she had done and said to him. Finally, Asuka breaks off the kiss. She has a big smile on her face.
The Child of Love, chapter 5

He stood slowly, and stopped her song by gently cupping her chin with his hand. Asuka looked up, scared at first in the first moment of silence, but then breathed out a long breath she had been holding for both of them.
Both lay down their instruments and stood together, eye to eye. Without another word, they embraced in a timeless, silent kiss.

She closed her eyes and he closed his again, and she rested her hand on his neck, drawing him in, tilting his head just a bit. They were close, very close, and then it happened. Her lips touched his, warm and moist and tasting ever so slightly of strawberries from the lip gloss she wore, open just a touch so that he could taste her breath, feel it mingle with hers. He shuddered, his belly muscles contracting involuntarily.
Gingerly, without opening his eyes, he put an arm around her and drew her into a second, deeper kiss, longer and harder. She shifted her weight onto him and he put his other arm around her waist to support her, and soon she was only his lap, her head above his, holding his chin with both hands. She drew back again and fell against him onto his shoulder and breathed a soft sigh under his chin.
"Wow," he said.
"Wow," she smiled.
Shinji and Asuka, Last Child of Krypton, chapter 12

She sat up. She grabbed him by the collar –he still had his stupid school uniform on, at least the shirt, anyway- and she kissed him. He jerked back for an instant, and then he kissed her back, slipping his arm around her waist. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled, dragging him onto the bed with her. She broke from the kiss, and the look of shock on his face, the way his breath quickened, excited her. With both hands on his shoulders, she pushed him down onto the bed, threw her leg over him, and sat on his waist. He had on a pair of sleeping shorts, and the skin of her thighs whispered against his.
Shinji and Asuka, Last Child of Krypton: Redux, chapter 8

They never remembered how long they stood there; kissing while the sun gave its last light for that day, leaving only the stars and the sea to watch the two beings that shared the most precious thing in this world.
Their love...
Shinji and Asuka, The Second Try, chapter 4

Kaji didn't interrupt them this time, and their lips touched. The moment he'd dreamed about for what had felt like an eternity had finally come, in the night sky above Tokyo-3, and it was even better than he could've imagined.
Shinji and Asuka, Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton, chapter 19

Her rosy lips parted, and she closed her eyes as she descended on him.
Shinji had waited for this moment for so long. He had always been torn by his feelings towards her. In the darker days of the fight with the Angels he couldn't bear to be with her. Asuka had become so hostile, so angry. Everything she said was an insult, all she did was hurt him. He hadn't known if he could live with her. It was the most painful time he could recall. But he'd come to identify with her and her pain.
It was not, he realized, that he was there for her. It was simply that he was hers. That he belonged to her—all of him. He always had, ever since meeting her.
Their lips met gently, with nothing more than a caress, but that was enough for Shinji to feel a shockwave of electricity flowing through him. The sensation flooded her every cell, and ate its way into his being. It became almost like a tangible thing and he opened himself to it.
Never had he shared such an intimate bond with another human being. Never felt this way about anyone.
Faced which such heartfelt comfort, Shinji caved in and submitted to her, his body relaxing instinctively under her kiss.
The smell of her hair surrounded him, and her taste poured into him. He looked deep within himself, down into the very core of who he was, and realized he was starving for her. His mind became a blur where all he could make out was the warm sensation in his mouth as they worked their lips against each other.
It was not their first kiss, but it was the first time it felt right. Before Asuka had teased and goaded him into kissing her, even bringing up his dead mother. Then she had held his nose and pinched it until he turned blue while kissing him. It had not been entirely unpleasant, just strange. Now it was different.
Asuka intoxicated him as he pressed harder against her lips, feeling them quiver and part further, relishing more of her taste. He was drunk with it.
In this moment, only the two of them existed in the world.
Had he not needed to breathe, Shinji would have kissed Asuka forever. Just as he had said he would be with her forever. But that was not to be. When the kiss finally broke they both gasped for air, and locked eyes with each other again.

Only then does she feel a pair of eyes on her. Honey brown locks with baby blue. The younger girl girl chews her bottom lip nervously.
Just do it! Her lips are right there. Lean in a little and...
Before the brunette can stop herself, she leans forward and closes her eyes.
It's so fucking cliché. But she feels it. She feels sparks. Her stomach is doing backflips. I'm kissing her! I'm finally kissing her! Fuck...I'm kissing her. Her eyes widen, and she tries to detach herself from Brittnay. She tried. Only then does she notice hands on the sides of her face. She's kissing me back. Brittnay Matthews is kissing me back!
She feels a tongue trail it's way on the lips. She closes her eyes once more. She can taste mint and and cherry lip gloss.
Oxygen deprived, they part.
The Most Popular Girls in School fanfiction, partly Mackenzie's POV, "Date"