Quotes / Story-Breaker Power

Youmu: I will defeat anyone opposing Yuyuko-sama. After all, the things this blade can't cut are... (starts imagining other characters)
Keine: I can just devour the history of ever being cut.
Tewi: I'm a robot from the future,and am made out of adamantium , which cannot be cut by anything. (lies)
Yukari: Slash at me in your dreams, and you best wake up and apologize.
Reimu: As the heroine, I somehow win every fight I'm in, even against clearly superior opponents.
Marisa: Mere swords cannot defeat the magic of love!
Youmu: When you think about it, Gensokyo's filled with a bunch of cheating jerks.
—a certain Touhou comic

"I think if you put too much magic in your Fantasy it overwhelms the plot, and it starts to make the plot nonsensical. If you do have a sorceress or a wizard who can speak a word and wipe out an army, why would you even assemble an army?"

"Such power cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of Optimus Prime!"
(such power falls into Optimus' hands at the episode's end)
"We Decepticons now face our darkest hour."
Megatron, Transformers Prime.

"I think this comic clearly demonstrates why the Author should not be a regular character in the comic, and why I try to avoid having the Author interact directly with the rest of the characters at all. I mean, he's the Author. He can do anything. What's the point of having anything happen in the comic if he's around? Where's the challenge if he can just wave his hand and the problem goes away? When you introduce a character that can do anything, whether it's a god or a Mary Sue, whether it's in a comic or a book, it takes all the fun and thrill and danger out of the story.

That being said, let's get back to the comic, with several more comics with the Author in them!"
David Anez, Bob and George

"You really are way too strong."
Boros to Saitama, One-Punch Man

"Never bring Time Travel, the Cthulu Mythos, or Giant Robots into an established setting, because if you do, all it will ever really BE about from then on, is Time Travel, or the Cthulu Mythos, or Giant Robots. Or Giant Robots traveling through time to fight the Cthulu Mythos."

Jin: Your struggle is pointless. My power gives me control over all elementary particles.
Rex: Parti-what?
Jin: Heh. This allows me to accelerate my body to the speed of light. No matter how far ahead you can predict, your movements themselves are limited. You are no match for me!