Quotes: Slasher Smile

"A smile that would frighten the blind."
—"Three Might Be Duende", They Might Be Giants

"He still smiled and blinked, but there was something about his eyes which made me feel very glad that I had [a revolver] there."
Sherlock Holmes on Professor James Moriarty

I smiled to show that I meant it and she choked off a scream and began scrabbling in the cash drawer. It was a broad smile that showed all of my teeth, which I had stained bright red, which should have helped her decide on the proper course of action.

"He smiled at me. Genuinely, I believe. I still see it when I close my eyes."

"The worst thing about fighting Wanderlei (Silva) is that he's only happy when he's destroying you. And in Silva vs. Jackson (I), he was grinning so big while kneeing Rampage unconscious that his mouthpiece almost fell out."

"Never trust anything that smiles all the time. It's up to something."
'Terry Pratchett on dolphins

"Why is it when you smile I want to leave the room?"
— Kira re Gul Dukat, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Return to Grace"