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Quotes: Rule of Fun
"To lovers of adventure, lovers of pure escapism, loves of unadulterated entertainment, loves of the ridiculous and the bizarre — to funlovers everywhere...this picture is respectfully dedicated.

(If we overlooked any sizable groups of funlovers, we apologize.)"
Batman: The Movie, opening dedication

Neku: Iím not complaining, but... why let us shop at all? The Reapers want us erased, don't they? Why help us?
Joshua: Does it really matter? Shopping is fun. The Game's better this way.

Iwata: Cat Mario is a new power up that appears this time, isn't this a bit against the rules? He can climb walls, scratch-attacks enemies, and can climb the goal pole! I'm worried something as all-powerful as that could destroy the game balance of Super Mario. How about that?
Miyamoto: This has been a theme ever since we were making Super Mario 3D Land, but we figure it's okay if it's fun, and we make a lot with that as a priority.

"Of course it's not realistic...who cares, you know? That's the thing that I think a whole lot of people are missing right now in the driving game environment...they're trying to go for reality. Well, I drive enough. Thank you, but no thank you. I don't want reality. I want fun."
—Xion Cooper, artist for Cruis'n World.

"Name one game that would still be fun if it was realistic"

"You know how in The Sims you could get a job as a mailroom clerk? You remember how you had to go into the office, every single in-game day, and play a little minigame where you fling envelopes into pidgeonholes? Of course not! Because it would have been really fucking boring! Yes, alright Peter, it's more realistic than dead monsters dropping pocket change, but you know what else is realistic? Working a desk job for fifty years in a cloying mire of tedium and self-hatred before dying of a disfiguring facial cancer, alone and unloved, forgotten within a decade, but you won't see many games about that, at least not until I finish the design document."
—Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw addresses Peter Molyneux on the design choices in Fable II.

"Adam Westís Batman is just a big kid. This is a Batman who is Batman because he thinks itís the right thing to do and itís a hell of a lot of fun... The Years Where Batman Had Fun. The fact is, I think most modern Batman writers love this movie as much as we do. Grant Morrison certainly does, and this movie (and its accompanying TV show) is incredibly influential on his run."
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Batman: The Movie

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