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Quotes: Rule of Drama
The ridiculous scenes are endless. Samples: Walken, surrounded by gunmen and trapped in a burning cabin, scribbles a farewell note in which he observes that he is trapped in the burning cabin, and then he signs his full name so that there will be no doubt who the note was from. Kristofferson, discovering Huppert being gang-raped by several men, leaps in with six-guns in both hands and shoots all the men, including those aboard Huppert, without injuring her. In a big battle scene, men make armored wagons out of logs and push them forward into the line of fire, even though anyone could ride around behind and shoot them. There is more. There is much more.

Quilt: I have deduced that your old girlfriend escaped death because she was pregnant with your love-child and this Oracle Hunter is none other than your long-lost daughter!
Donovan Deegan: And how, praytell, did you deduce all that?
Quilt: Because it is very dramatic.

But there'd be no story without all this dissension. / So Inflict this conflict with the utmost of intentions.
Relient K - Devastation and Reform

...It forced him to look at his life and choices, which was an unpleasant experience he does not wish to repeat. (Narrative causality says he will.)
— Production notes for the Homestuck fic Ancestor Summoning

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