Quotes / Only Sane Employee

"Code 19! Asset out of containment. These people never learn."
Barry, Jurassic World

Jack: I don't do these things just to drive you crazy, Lemon. I do them for the good of the show.
Liz: Well, I'm the one who always has to clean up the mess afterwards.
Jack: That's why my job is way better than yours.
30 Rock, "Tracy Does Conan"

Nathan Explosion: You know we get really really excited about really bad ideas when we're drunk. And it's your job to talk us out of them...
Charles Foster Ofdensen: Oh, I tried. I tried very hard, but you all threatened to kill me, if you don't remember—
Pickles: So? Big deal, those threats aren't new!
Charles Foster Ofdensen: ...noted.

Kokonoe: Ugh, idiots to the left, idiots to the right.
Hibiki: Welcome to my entire life.

"This isn't glamorous work. We're sanitation workers— we clean up after the military and the Sith and do the jobs no one else will. Without us, though, the Empire falls apart. So we do whatever is necessary— even if it's thankless and ugly."
Keeper to the Imperial Agent, Star Wars: The Old Republic

"I swear, I'm the only person in this building who's not an idiot savant."
Gordon Freeman, Freeman's Mind