Quotes / N-Word Privileges

Jazz: Naught's a naught, figger's a figger.
All for the white man, and none for the nigger.
Addie: Don't you use that word around here.
Jazz: What word?
Addie: You know what I mean.

John: Oh, I can't believe you dropped that! Do something, Henderson, you fat fuck!
Gay Robot: Hey! That was very offensive to me!
John: Why? You're not fat.
Gay Robot: I thought you said "fag".
John: No, I wouldn't say that. I said "fat".
Gay Robot: Oh, sorry.

"That's our word for making fun of you! We need it!!"

Randal: Well, I still don't think "porch monkey" should be considered a racial term. I mean, I've always used it to describe lazy people, not lazy black people. I think if we really tried, we could reclaim "porch monkey" and save it.
Dante: It can't be saved, Randal! The sole purpose for its creation, the only reason it exists in the first place, is to disparage an entire race! And even if it could be saved, you can't save it, because you're not black!
Randal: Well, listen to you. Telling me I can't do something because of the color of my skin? You're the racist!

Matthew: What are you going to do, send me to Military School? Would West Point take a cripple?
Nora: DO NOT call yourself that!
Matthew: If I said "physically challenged" or "disabled", would it make you feel any better? I'm just being honest!

"I'm Dr. Robotnik! I say what I want! I say penis,note  I say pussy,note  I say butt,note  I say crud and sludge, I say ni—[beep]!note "
Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Robotnik Says the N-Word

Riley: (to Huey) Hey... what's "class"?
Huey: It means, "don't act like niggas".
Granddad: S-s-s-see? That's what I'm talkin' about right there! We don't use the "n-word" in this house!
Huey: Granddad, you said the word "nigga" 46 times yesterday. I counted!
Granddad: Nigga, hush!

"What about 'nogger'?"
Don Cheadle, in response to Oprah Winfrey forbidding blacks to use the word

"Nigger doesnít mean anything in Canada."
Whoopi Goldberg comes to Justin Bieber's rescue, The View

"But, Jewish comics can kid Jews, Hispanic comics, Josh Lopez, kids Hispanics all the time. Gay comics kid the gay situation. It's OK, isn't it? But not OK when the non-N-person uses it."
Larry King, August 17, 2010

"You see Toofer, the African-American community has adopted that word for everyday use, in an attempt to rob it of its meaning."
Jack, 30 Rock

Mr Garrison:...and so you see, because I'm gay, I'm free to say the word "fag".
Randy: Really? So we can't say "f[Bleep]"?
Mr Garrison: No, see? You got beeped.
Barfly: You mean you have to be a f[Bleep] to say "f[Bleep]"?
Jimbo: Well that's not fair, I should be able to say "fag"!
Randy: Hey Jimbo, you didn't get beeped.
Jimbo: Uh oh!
South Park discussing a variant.

Kevin Eubanks: So, I got sold again.
Jay Leno:I am so glad YOU made that joke instead of me!
The Jay Leno Show, on the NBC / Comcast deal.

Jake Hamilton (critic): There's been a lot of controversy surrounding the usage of, uh, uh, the n-word in this movie, and—
Samuel L. Jackson: 'No'? 'Nobody'? 'None'? Which is it?
Hamilton: Oh, I don't wanna say it... (recovers quickly) I don't like to say it.
Jackson: Have you ever said it?
Hamilton: No, sir!
Jackson: Try it.
Hamilton: I don't like to s—
Jackson: TRY IT. (beat) We're not gonna have this conversation until you say it. Wanna move on to another question?
Hamilton: Will you say it?
Jackson: No. Fuck no. That's not the same thing.
Hamilton: (defeated) Okay. I'll skip it. Sorry, guys. It was a good question.
Jackson: No it wasn't.
—Interview on Django Unchained

"ĎDave, weíre having a symposium on the n-word, and we wanted you to speak about your use of it. Itís just for our information.í And I did it, but afterward I was like, That was real stupid of me. Why the fuck would I explain to a room full of white people why I say the word nigga? Why on earth would I put myself in a position like that?"

"When Spike Lee and other well-known cultural commentators began to pile on Quentin Tarantino for his liberal use of the N-word in his blaxploitation western masterpiece Django Unchained, I wrote a story for this very outlet insisting that Tarantino had tapped a proud history in creating modern Hollywoodís first black superhero... Clearly Ms. Lampanelli was paying attention. And for that, I must apologize."
Eric Deggans, Salon

"No matter how many times she talks about how she slept with a black man, the n-word is still off-limits. Let me try to put this in terms she might understand ó it's like how if you fuck a fourth-tier Kennedy, you don't just get to start showing up at Hyannis Port. It's something you're born into."
Jezebel on Lisa Lampenelli

"If it's Christmas Eve, between 4:30 and 4:49 am, and you're in line at the toy store to buy the latest Transformers toy for your kid, and a black man hits you in the back of the head with a brick, beats your ass, Riverdances on you, takes your money, and then takes a piss on you and runs away, you can scream 'SOMEBODY CATCH THAT NIGGA!' Hell, if that happens, you can say 'nigga' for a whole month, but you better have the police report in your pocket in case someone wants to see your papers."

"I've called gay friends of mine 'fag,' Jewish friends 'kike,' and some black friends 'ni—' well, no, I've never done that. That would be insane. (Even with an 'A' on the end.)"

Speaking of Franklin, this game was written by a bunch of white people in the UK. Should he really be saying the N-word this much? I swear he once said it six times in two sentences. In my life, the only time I ever heard six N-words in two sentences was when my grandparents helped each other remember Sammy Sosa's name. Was there an outside consultant brought in to write this character? If not, that's fucked up. If so, that's more fucked up. Does the black community even have a term for a person who goes into an office and gives white people permission to say the N-word? And is it expensive? Because there are some really terrific rap songs I've always wanted to sing.

As I often do in African-American matters, I asked my black girlfriend for help. Was Power Man speaking a forgotten dialect of her people's tongue? Or was it meaningless gibberish from a mental breakdown that transcended racial differences? This is a word-for-word transcript of our meeting.
Seanbaby: Sweetie, could you read a page of this Luke Cage comic? I want to verify that he's talking nonsense, or jive.
Girlfriend: What's Luke Cage's power?
Seanbaby: He's just tough. He lifts like 40 tons and is kind of bulletproof.
Girlfriend: Just tough? They can't give a nigga' a freeze ray?
She never answered my question. I think she may have been covering; embarrassed that she didn't know what the fuck he was talking about either. I didn't press the issue because I immediately knew I was going to quote her, and was trying to figure out a polite way to ask her where the apostrophe goes in the n-word.

"And it's important that we all respect that if these people should happen to choose to reclaim the word as their own it doesn't mean the rest of you have a right to its use."
Tim Minchin, "Prejudice" (talking about the word ginger)

Bill Bailey: " 'I'm Dave... I'm [what]!' "
Jack Whitehall: "... saying whatever I like now because I've got a black friend."
Have I Got News for You, during a Missing Words round.

"Today, I had to explain to my white girlfriend that dating me doesn't give her the right to call my mother the n-word. FML"

"When a nóĖ can use the word nóĖ and it not be considered racist, thatís the utmost racism in the world, and itís hypocrisy"

"It's that T-O-double-dizzle, in the shizzle fo' rizzle, givin' up for that Snoop D-O-double-gizzle, my... nizzle. Am I allowed to say nizzle?"

When little people hang out together, you know they're all like "MIDGET, PLEASE!!!!"

Don't you see what Whatley is after? Total joke-telling immunity! He's already got two big religions covered! If he ever gets Polish citizenship, there'll be no stopping him!
Jerry Seinfeld, "The Yada-Yada"

This habit of claiming exclusive rights to the use of particular words and denying them to outsiders is one of the paradoes of the 20th century
R.W. Burchfield, Fowler's Modern English Usage

"I think thereís a lot of guys out there who cross the line, because they a little too familiar or they think they too familiar or itís guys that, you know, had a black girlfriend or two who made them some Kool-aid every now and then, and they think they can cross the line. And they canít. You know, itís a word that has been used against us. Itís like a knife, man, and you can use it as a weapon or you can use it as a tool. Itís been used as a weapon against us by white people, and we not goiní let that happen again by nobody, because itís not cool. Now, I know you heardóitís in the lexicon, everybody talking. But thatís our word now. Thatís our word now, and you canít have it back. They trying to get it back, and Iím not talking bout you, Bill, Iím not talking bout you. But Iím talking bout guys who cross the line everyday, cuz they got some black homies, they got some friends, they think itís cool. Itís not cool, cuz when I hear my homies say it, it donít feel like venom; when I hear a white person saying it, it feels like that knife stabbing me, even if they donít mean it."

i love calling my self a Bitch but if a man calls me a bitch im gonna step on his throat an snap his neck
redroseclub, Tumblr

Foxxy: Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!
Clara: Oh, so it's okay when you say it?
Drawn Together, "Clum Babies"

Young man, I've had a long day. I'm tired. But I'm not tired enough to ever let nobody call me that word.
— The Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation of Luke Cage (2016) gives his opinion on the trope.