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Quotes: Just Here for Godzilla
Don't get me wrong, I love Jack Black, Adrian Brody is great
Naomi Watts is delightful, my friend
But I didn't come here to see any of them
Get to the fucking monkey!
Get to the fucking monkey!
Get to the fucking monkey!
Tripod, "King Kong"

Oh no!
There goes Tokyo!
Go go Godzilla!

"So, would I recommend Mr. Willowby’s Wonder Tree? Ye gods, yes! 13 seconds of Muppets in a feature film is the most screentime they’ve gotten since 1999! Totally worth sitting through Dustin Hoffman’s Bugs Bunny impression.

By which I mean, please don’t go see this movie."

"Clearly, the distributors had great faith in the reasons for the broadsheet-reading cinephile's reasons for seeing this film. And it had very little to do with the footage of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club."
Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit?

The Daleks' plan in this episode is easily one of the most insane in the series long and storied history. They want to, and I want to stress here that I am not making this up or exaggerating at all, remove the Earth's magnetic core so they can install an engine and drive the planet around as a spaceship.

It is very much unclear why an unaerodynamic planet is the ideal place to do this, or why England is the perfect place to do the drilling here. Clearly, if the Daleks have a fully functional invasion fleet, there's not a huge need for spaceships. They're in pretty good shape on that front. So presumably the Earth is to be a sort of prestige vehicle. A sort of Porsche for the mid-life crisis of a Dalek. I picture Daleks pulling along upside another planet and saying "Hey Babe. I drive a planet."

But there's actually something strangely brilliant about the arbitrariness of this plot. Because it makes it clear that the plot doesn't matter. The plot is literally nothing more than an excuse to bring the Daleks around again. The Daleks don't need a good reason to invade a planet or be evil. They're just Daleks. They're the bad guys. They are, at this point, designed to be the things that, when they show up, you go "Oh shit, it's the Daleks!"
The TARDIS Eruditorum on "The Dalek Invasion of Earth"

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