Quotes / Faux Action Girl

"Okay, this chick wants to be a knight at a time when women aren't allowed to be knights. Well, good for her going against the norm and wanting to be strong. The only problem is she isn't strong! And I don't mean physically, I mean in any sense... It's just her getting captured and yet still boasting about she's going to be 'the World's Greatest Knight.' Young lady, you definitely need a career change!"
The Nostalgia Critic on Kayley, Top 11 Dumbasses In Distress

"I will now be Sakura~ .... Sasuke! Sasuke! Sasuke! Save Sasuke, Naruto; while I sit here and cry, and not be useful in a real fight.
-Imca uses fake tears-

"It's all a facade. Tough magic using girls who are treated as being able to kick a ton of ass when sadly, they are just nothing next to all the men."

"We need to get out of here!" I yelled proactively as he carried me, proving I wasn't a whimpering damsel in distress.

"With a title like Jane Got a Gun you'd expect her to, you know, do something. The majority of the action in this movie involves her getting rescued by somebody. It's sad."
Chris Stuckmann reviewing Jane Got a Gun