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Quotes: Exploding Barrels
IGN: The big question on everyone's mind is why are there so many exploding barrels on this unexplored island?
Amy: All the old wooden powder kegs were left behind by the original Spanish colonists — c'mon, it makes perfect sense! Why they haven't disintegrated after 400 years, why the powder inside is still combustible and ignites from a single bullet hit, and why the Spaniards stacked them up in such convenient places... it's just one of the mysteries of the island, I guess. But mainly there are so many exploding barrels because it's fun to shoot exploding barrels.
IGN's interview with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune game director Amy Hennig

"The explosive barrel, frustrating AND hackneyed."
Comic Book Guy, The Simpsons Game.

Why are those idiots standing next to those flammable barrels?
Red containers of death make for easy kills
They must spend a fortune on the fuel bill
Miracle Of Sound, Shooter Guy

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