->'''IGN''': The big question on everyone's mind is why are there so many exploding barrels on this unexplored island?
->'''Amy''': All the old wooden powder kegs were left behind by the original Spanish colonists -- c'mon, it makes perfect sense! Why [[DurableDeathtrap they haven't disintegrated after 400 years]], why the powder inside is still combustible and [[MadeOfExplodium ignites from a single bullet hit]], and why the Spaniards stacked them up [[BenevolentArchitecture in such convenient places]]... [[AWizardDidIt it's just one of the mysteries of the island]], I guess. But mainly there are so many exploding barrels because [[RuleOfFun it's fun to shoot exploding barrels.]]
-->-- [[http://ps3.ign.com/articles/848/848991p2.html IGN's interview]] with ''[[UnchartedDrakesFortune Uncharted: Drake's Fortune]]'' game director Amy Hennig

->''"The explosive barrel, frustrating AND hackneyed."''
-->--'''Comic Book Guy''', TheSimpsonsGame.

->Why are those idiots standing next to those flammable barrels?\\
Red containers of death make for easy kills\\
They must spend a fortune on the fuel bill
-->--'''MiracleOfSound''', Shooter Guy