Quotes: Even Nerds Have Standards

Star Wars fans are the worst part of Star Wars, Trekkies ate shit for about 30 straight years...But hardcore Whedonites? They are to Trekkies what the Nation of Islam were to the Civil Rights movement.

"When I see people at sports teams doing stuff like painting their bodies the same team colour, I honestly wanna say this, '...Dude. I read about stuff like the chemical make-ups of most pharmaceutical plants for fun. The only thing that's keeping me from stealing your lunch money and screaming 'NEEEEERRRRRD' is the hypocrisy of it all.'"
A Forum Post on Deviant ART about a Double Standard about fandoms.

"They're LARPers. It's like what Jer does with the dice and the bits of paper, except the people that Jer hangs out with look down on these guys."
Graham, commodoreHUSTLE Growl

"Spacebattles stalkers are the best. I mean you have a site already filled to the brim with OCD nerds who obsess over minor, pointless details found in obscure snippets of popular culture and flaunt them like symbols of heraldry ... But even the freaks have even freakier freaks to look down upon and shun to the outskirts of their group.

"Do you know what it takes to get a professional nerd to call you a nerd? I do. (Hint: Itís Glass.)"

Nerd#1: "...You'll never be satisfied with a MORTAL woman because the elf wenches are sooo beautiful you'll spend the rest of your life searching for that same beauty again. (Loud inhale) Yes."
Nerd#2: "Wow..You're an idiot."

"Cinema Sins: When spacebattles says you're being too nitpicky, you know you're (sic) made a mistake."