Quotes / Empowered

Empowered: Uh... Hello, there! Welcome to my story, okay?
It's a story about— well, you'll see what it's about.
So, um... enjoy, I guess...?

ThugBoy: Sorry, but I'm not gonna let anyone talk trash about my favorite superhero. Not even my favorite superhero herself.

Ninjette: Can't be a goody-goody superheroine 'cause I don't have a nice, big rack! *urrp*

Major Havoc: 'Scuse me while I cry havoc!

Willy Pete: Then eat a few more pieces of you both... then *** s'more... then keep eatin' an' ***in' an' eatin' an' ***in' 'til you're all gone.

Empowered: Do you seriously expect me to believe that you doofi actually conducted a focus-group test on a bunch of supervillains...? How many of your people died horribly in the process?

Demonwolf: But long after you are dead, and this city is ashes, and your species are extinct... and this planet is a graveyard, and every star in its sky has gone dark, and all the universe beyond is lifeless and still... I will carry your memory with me, perfect in every detail, into the next universe. And I will see you then exactly as I see you now. Warm and passionate and violent and alluring and misguided and aroused and damaged and alive. From my point of view, you will never truly die, Kozue.

Empowered: Hey, how would YOU like to be stuck in a supposedly humorous book written by some PRICK with a demonstrated mean streak? note 

Maidman: Clean up your act, douchecapes, or suffer the frilly, lacy, panty-flashing consequences! Maidman, out!