Heartwarming: Empowered

  • When Thug Boy tells Empowered how much he respects her as a hero, she cries because it's the first time anyone complimented her as a superhero.
  • Empowered and the mook's daughter in the hospital after her x-ray vision keeps the mook from having an aneurysm and dying the same way Emp's father did.
    "I think you are a pretty okay superhero. And I'm pretty sure my Mommy doesn't think you are a big skank anymore."
    • Emp convincing the mook to go to the hospital in the first place.
  • The scene where Emp comes home after a more than usually humiliating day, crying because she's such a terrible superhero. Her friends fail to cheer her up, but then the Caged Demonwolf indignantly points out that she's done something that her colleagues couldn't manage between them: defeating him. (And that she was able to do it because she'd just been in another embarrassing incident.)
  • No words, simply the first time Thugboy met Empowered. After an entire page of his completely dead reaction to the world after the demise of his friends (shown as a long line of panels with different backgrounds, but with his face constant, immutable and apathetic), that little heart revealed the entire depth of Thugboy's feelings better than a 1000-word epic poem.
  • Thugboy watching Emp sleep and spooning with her to keep her nightmares away.
  • Empowered and Manny's reactions to one another while she's fulfilling his dying wish. It's one of the most oddly touching scenes of someone tying Empowered up in the whole series.
  • The painful sort of heartwarming: Emp and Spooky consoling each other after they both fail to prevent Mindf**k's sacrifice and death.
  • Emp and her friends being probably the first people to show the Superdead any sort of respect or friendship that they never received from their former comrades, who hide them away from the world like a secret shame.
  • Ninjette and the Caged Demonwolf, talking while the former bathes and reminisces in Vol. 7. It must be read to be fully absorbed.
    • The Caged Demonwolf, actually speaking clearly for a change, says that Ninjette is beautiful and he is glad to be her friend. The only thing he regrets about being immortal is that they will be separated when she eventually dies. He can see both the future and the past. He will not give away how she dies, but she dies well. But even when she is dead and buried, even when their city is rubble, even when humanity becomes extinct, even when the universe ends and he moves on to the next one... he will remember her. FOREVER.
    • The way Ninjette smiles as he tells her this.
  • Sistah Spooky warning Emp she has been nominated to the Capey Awards as a joke. Note that this is when Spooky still loathed Emp...
  • Sistah Spooky finally learns what Mindf**k's eyes looked like and what her voice sounded like.
    • Spooky admitting that she never felt more like a hero than when she held Mindf**k to comfort her from her nightmares, despite Mindf**k's powers meaning Spooky had to watch it all night while her girlfriend slept. It's as sweet as it sounds.
  • Emp and Thugboy comforting and watching out for Ninjette during her Despair Event Horizon after almost getting killed by ninja mercenaries, which include Emp sleeping with Ninjette in her costume and Thugboy offering to keep watch through the night alongside the never-sleeping Caged Demonwolf.