Fridge / Empowered

Fridge Brilliance
  • When Sistah Spooky tells Ninjette that Emp can pretty much befriend anyone, it seems, at first, that she is talking about the superdead, whom Emp has won over. Then you realize that she is talking about herself: as much as she has tried to hate Elissa, she is finding herself won over by her.
  • Volume 9, despite it still being another day as per usual for Emp, shows everything seemingly going her way. Why is this? It's probably because Sistah Spooky is no longer cursing her with bad luck every other minute.

Fridge Horror
  • As mentioned in Vol. 5 and shown graphically in Vol. 6, Ninjette is - by deception - a rapist, having consummated Princess Mitsunori-San's wedding while disguised as the groom. Worse, given her considerable skills with disguise, she has considered doing the same thing to Emp and/or Thugboy.
  • The suit is alive. Does it feel pain when it is damaged, as it all too frequently is?
  • Mindf██k's mental constructs in Sistah Spooky's head are located in her moments of greatest failure and pain: When she made her pact with the demon, when she tried to kiss a girl and was rejected, the worst instances of bullying etc. After Mindf██k's death, the only place Sistah Spooky can see her ex-lover is in those memories. She has to deliberately recall her lowest moments just to see her only friend in the world ever. Even with the construct's company, that has to be doing bad things to her already fragile psyche.
  • Spooky gets unusually exact coordinates in regards to finding Willy Pete. Given what we later learn about the plans of her Infernal Service provider, was Mindf██k's death simply all part of his plan to free himself? And since he's given powers to more than just Spooky, has he done similar to try and lure those people to hell?

Fridge Logic
  • How could Mindf██k have used her telepathic powers to edit her own mind to make herself a better person? According to Augustine, the reason the mind can't simply order itself to be good is precisely because it is ordering itself: the part of it that wills to be good may so order, but the part of it that wills to be evil orders it to be evil. It seems that Mindf██k was a better person than she let on.