Quotes: Ear Worm

"Get it out, get it out,
Get this song out of my head!
Get it out, get it out,
I'll sing
anything else instead!!"
Honest Trailers parody on "Let It Go" from Frozen

"It's an ear worm aaaafter all
It's an ear worm aaaafter all
Iiiit's an ear worm aaaafter all
It's an ear, ear, worm!"
A corruption of the song It's a Small World.

Ohhhh Ember, so warm and tenderÖ You will remember my name!
— Lyrics to Remember, from Danny Phantom

That song is driving me crazy I got to hear it again,
first time I heard it I was with some friends
Tom T. Hall, "That song is driving me crazy"

"Hello, hello, I am thy ear worm, thy ear worm
"Hello, hello, I am thy ear worm, thy ear worm."
Wise Guys, "Ear Worm"

"They're so annoying, all these ear worms
E'en if you like the song
The timing generally is wrong
There's just one way to lose these ear worms
Plant in someone else's head,
And make it play inside their brain instead"
Tawaki, "All These Ear Worms"

The song that you ran from is back again
You wonder if the madness will ever end
Trying to stop it is futile
So just listen now to my Musical Doodle
— Lyrics to "The Musical Doodle", from Spongebob Squarepants

This is the part where we na nana
Every hit song needs a na nana
You'll wake up at night screaming na nana
My grandmother's nickname is Nana

"Hijacked auditory control
Meme lodging worms infest
A mind virus taking hold
Rife with barbed hooks and trite melodies
Loops on repeat, regurgitated
Dry heaving chunks of aural bile
Can't get this out, of my head
Make it stop!"

"Why is it that I can remember a cigarette ad jingle from 30 years ago, but I can't remember what I just got up to do?"

"Ya know, at this point, it doesn't matter. Because it keeps runnin' inside my head and it won't leave unless I blow it out. With a bullet!"

"Dory, I'm gonna get stuck now WITH THAT SONG! Now it's in my head!"
Marlin, Finding Nemo

"Jeremy, I have had "I Am the Walrus" playing in my head more or less continuously since the day I first heard it. Only in the last few years have I finally gotten it to stop."
Walt, Zits

"The most horrible part is, now, I can't get those damn songs out of my head."

"Riveting melody, isn't it?"
"Catchy as hell."
Margaret Moonlight and Travis Touchdown, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

"The song has ended, but the melody lingers on."

"'Missed the Saturday dance, heard they crowded the floor, duh duh duh-duh...' I can almost carry a tune but I can't remember the lyrics to any song, including the inspired lyrics to our national anthem. But this song, and those notes, have been sounding in my head for over half a century, after I heard them playing at a dance hall near the army camp where I was stationed."

"ATC was a German-based pop group made up of a Kiwi, an Italian, an Australian and a Brit. They were the accidental toilet baby of the Itís A Small World ride and Aqua. They had a couple of semi-hits, but their biggest hit was the 2000 eardrum assault called 'Around The World (La La La La La).' 'Around The World' was a cover of a Russian pop song and it sounded like something Eiffel 65 barfed up. That song was everywhere. It was even in commercials. You know you danced to it on a box under a strobe light at an 18 and over club. Once it got in your head, it was hard to get out. Whenever I get my usual check-up at the free clinic, the free clinic doctor looks into my ears with that ear dildo thing and asks, 'What is that crusty white stuff clinging to the walls of your ears? Jizz?' And I always say, 'No doctor, itís pieces from that La La La La song which have been there for years.'"

"After I saw Annie I had to hit myself on the head with a small hammer to get that stupid "Tomorrow" song out of my head."
Ian Shoales

"In 1992, you couldn't get rid of the song "Achy Breaky Heart." It was the Lyme disease of music. For the entire year, it was how most radio stations told listeners that another 180 seconds had passed. If you lived in the country, this song spent more time in your ear than ear mite eggs and cousin tongues combined."

"Ch-Ch-Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers! Ch-Ch-Chip and Dale When there's danger!
This song will be in your head all day and night because of sing-along with Craig!"
ScrewAttack, "Top 10 Cartoon Games"

"LEFT/LEFT/LEFT a wife and/SEVenteen children in/STARVing condition with/NOTHing but gingerbread/LEFT/LEFT..."
More and more of Those Wacky Nazis, Nothing but Gingerbread Left by Henry Kuttner

"Ear worm! Ear worm! GET IT OUT!"
Bill Corbett, RiffTrax

"I have had 'Winter Wrap-Up' stuck in my head since I woke up. Someone please, please, PLEASE kill me."
Exalted freelancer Holden Shearer's twitter

The song "The Final Countdown" is now playing in your head!

"Good luck getting this theme song out of your head.
It will be in your brain for weeks or til you're dead"

"You know what the infuriating thing about pop music is? Even when it's expressing the most repugnant sentiments, you just can't get it out of your head because it's so irritatingly catchy; and despite how much you hate it, or even because of how much you hate it, it just sticks in your head and you find yourself singing it to yourself against your will, and you feel like you wanna take a cheese grater to your brain to scrape it out!"
Todd in the Shadows, during his review of Chris Brown's "Deuces"

"You think you're trying to answer the questions on your math tests, but all you're thinking about is ' Ducktales, woo-hoo ', you think you're playing basketball with your teammates, but nope all you're thinking about is ' Ducktales, woo-hoo ', you think you're about to achieve enlightenment, the pearly gates knowledge are opening up and all the secrets of the universe are about to be revealed, BUT NO ALL YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT IS, ' Ducktales, woo-hoo '.
The Nostalgia Critic, Top 11 Catchiest Theme Songs