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Quotes: Dawson Casting
"Wow, Miranda's getting good! Maybe when she's thirty years old she can play a teenager on Dawson's Creek."
Lizzie, [[Lizzie McGuire]

She's running away from home and she's only thirty!
Butt-Head, commenting on the music video for Pat Benatar's Love is a Battlefield

Kent Brockman: Let's have a warm welcome for the stars of the popular teen soap opera, Springfield Heights 90210! He's cool, he's sexy, he's 34 years old! Say hello to Kyle Darren! (Darren smiles, obvious wrinkles show on his face)
The Simpsons, "Marge vs. The Monorail"

These guys probably had sons the same age as their characters.
Mike Nelson commenting on the "teenagers" of Reefer Madness

(deep voice) I'm 15, really."
—"Robin", RiffTrax of Batman Forever

I don't think anyone in the casting department has ever seen a real teenager.

Principal: You're already repeating your senior year.
Obscurus Lupa: How many times, eight?
Obscurus Lupa Presents: Sleepy Hollow High

Chris: Another great Catwoman moment is when she schemes to hook up with Batman and considers setting Robin up with one of her henchwomen, and then decides that ďat that age, all they care about is baseball.Ē Also, the episode where you see Robin at high school with all his friends who, of course, look like theyíre in their mid-30s.
David: Itís pretty hilarious.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Batman: The Movie

...there's no real age limit, although we cast age-appropriate
(meaning that an actor needs to be roughly the same age as the character he/she plays).
Stephen Stohn via Twitter, describing a famous subversion.

"Well, that depends. Do you believe two obvious 30-year-olds trying to play high school students is for real?"

"If the report is that the children are too old for their characters; then thatís ridiculous. Itís BEYOND ridiculous. The other show Iím a huge fan of right now is Pretty Little Liars. Some of the 16 year old characters on that show are LITERALLY 26 and 28 in real life. So the kids of Outnumbered ARE IN NO WAY TOO OLD FOR THEIR PARTS.

"Hollywood Secret: If you put a 30-year-old in a letterman jacket, he's 16 again."
— Vanessa Ramos, comedian/ comedy writer, via Twitter.

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