Quotes / Dating Catwoman

Terry: This kind of thing ever happen to you?
Bruce: Let me tell you about a woman named Selina Kyle...

[Whilst Green Arrow and Batman are currently tied to a "Cat Themed" Death Trap, this exchange occurs]
Batman: You've let larceny taint your loveliness Catwoman.
Catwoman: My pet cats will soon silence that insolent tongue of...did you say lovely?
Green Arrow: Less talk, more utility belts, huh? Are you even listening to me?
[Both continue ignoring Green Arrow]
Batman: Lovely, yes, but evil too. Give up this life of crime Catwoman. Allow me to help...rehabilitate you.
Green Arrow:...Wait, are you two flirting?
Catwoman: Aww. Always trying to declaw me Batman. Which is why I must clip your wings. Permanently.
Batman: Not if I collar you first.
Green Arrow: You are! You're flirting! Flirterers!
[After they break free and Catwoman escapes]
Green Arrow: Ugh. You have so got the hots for her.
Batman: Nonsense. My only interest in her is rehabilitation.

Catwoman: "My real prey is, and shall always be, Batman."

[Batman and Catwoman are caught in the middle of a Foe Yay filled altercation]
Black Canary: *Ahem* Are we interrupting something? 'Cos it sure looks like we're interrupting something.
Batman: Huntress. Black Canary. I was just...we were just...I can handle Catwoman on my own.
Huntress: So we see, Romeo.

Bat-Mite: "No offense— I mean, you're my hero and all — but relationship advice? From you?! 'Oh, Catwoman... Let me kiss you! I mean arrest you! I mean kiss you! I mean arrest you!'"

[Batman and Robin catch Catwoman unmasked, and recognize her as Bruce Wayne's love interest.]
Robin: Holy heartbreak! Miss Kitka!
[Sad music plays as Batman stares pensively into the distance.]
Robin: Batman, I...
Batman: Say no more, Robin. It could be... compromising.
Robin: Of course.
Batman: It's just... one of those things, in the life of every crime fighter. It means nothing. Snap on the Batcuffs.

Martine: (on other end) Who is this?! Who has Gunter's phone!?
Gunter: (chidingly) Gunter does. I am a very good boyfriend. Even if you shoot me, I still call!

Chibs: (to his sheriff girlfriend) You're a cop, and I'm a criminal. I'm never gonna tell you about my business and you sure as shit aren't gonna tell me yours. So no, we won't be taking strolls down main street hand in hand picking out furniture, and whatever shite normal couples do. I like you, the sex is great, and when you're not tearing apart every moment that we're together, you're actually a lot of fun. (They push each other, slap each other and then have sex)

Jenn: "I'm a law-breaker! I break the law! How's that make you feel?
Quantum Cop: "I uh... uh..."
Jenn: "Maybe later I could wear this and shoplift something...right in front of you..."

Kate: Where'd you meet?
Police Chief Janine: Well...he's sort of wanted for robbing a post office. But we can't make the charges stick anyway, so it's fine.
Kate: Aw, I am happy for you.

Catwoman: [I]t is the world's most fabulous game of cat and blind mouse. I wonder who is really chasing who. I'm the world's greatest thief, but I'll never know if I have truly stolen his heart.

Rory: Doctor, River was brainwashed to kill you?
The Doctor: Well, she did, and then used her remaining lives to bring me back. As first dates go, I'd say that was mixed signals.

Rex: "So that's it, then. We're always going to be on opposite sides."
Circe: "Well, it does keep things interesting."

Othar: Young lady, that's no reason to be soft on a villain! What did I tell you about getting romantically involved with evil?
Sanaa: "It's not a bad way to kill time, as long as it ultimately results in the total destruction of her lair and the ruination of her nefarious plans!"
Othar: Oh. Yes. Well, I meant

I hate everything about you / Why do I love you?

Red Arrow: (to Aqualad) Take Sportsmaster. Cheshire's mine!
Cheshire: Mmm, so territorial and only our third date.

Cheshire: Why, Arrow! If you wanted another date, you only had to ask.
Artemis: You two are dating?!
Red Arrow: What? No!
Cheshire: Ugh. Why deny the attraction?

Mook 1: Why does Batman goes after us and not Catwoman ? I mean, she's a thief like us, no ?
Mook 2: She's prettier than you.
Mook 2: I bet she does.
Mook 3: Not like that!

"I was an Avenger once. And the day they made it official everyone could tell I was freaking out. Like, I was in way over my head. So, Captain America, he takes me aside. He puts his hand on my shoulder, looks me straight in the eye, and says: "Scott, I'm sure right about now you're doubting yourself. Don't. This is a great responsibility of course, but there's just one rule, above all the others, that you need to keep in mind - one rule that can never be broken, no matter what - and no matter how many times Tony Stark may tell you otherwise - if you want to be an Avenger you do not sleep with the super villains." I'm so sorry, Captain America."

I'm going to confess, and then I'll place him under arrest.