Quotes / Beard of Evil

Qui-Gon: Who are you?
Sio Bibble: I'm Governor Sio Bibble, the Queen's trusted advisor.
Qui-Gon: Advisor? Hmmm. Does he have a goatee?
GM: Yes, actually, he does.
Qui-Gon: We keep an eye on him.

10th Doctor: Where are you now? Nyssa and Tegan? Cybermen and Mara and Time Lords in funny hats and The Master - oh, he just showed up again. Same as ever.
5th Doctor: Oh no, really? Does he still have that rubbish beard?
10th Doctor (thoughtfully): No, no beard this time. Well, a wife.
Doctor Who, 'Time Crash'

I have [a goatee] because it helps you become more artistic and sensitive. Or evil. I don't know how it knows which to do.

Hellooooooo? "Evil Opposite" theme? I'm not seeing it! This goatee isn't just for show, you know!

Lenin had a beard. Gabby Hayes had whiskers.

I will not grow a goatee. In the old days they made you look diabolic. Now they just make you look like a disaffected member of Generation X.
Evil Overlord List entry #35

Regent: Hey. Monster girl.
Echidna: What?
Regent: When you make my clone, do you think you could give him a goatee?
Regent on the subject of insane copies of himself, Worm

"He is an evil man," Arya announced that evening when she returned to the House of Black and White. "His lips are cruel, his eyes are mean, and he has a villainís beard."

"You can tell he's evil, he's the one in the movie with a goatee."
Brad Jones, Midnight Screenings

"Nice goatee. Kind of rounds out the whole creepy stalker look."
— Justine re Vampire Hunter Holtz, Angel