Quotes / Atomic Robo

"Atomic Robo features women who kick ass and wear clothes at the same time, as if not being naked were some kind of combat advantage."

Baron Heinrich von Helsingard: Why must we always resort to brutalizing one another? Are we not men of SCIENCE?
Atomic Robo: I'm a robot and you're a brain in a jar. Is this a trick question?

"New plan. Drive away forever."

"An astronomer can enjoy a long and meaningful career continually proving Einstein correct. But prove him wrong, and future astronomers will enjoy long, meaningful careers proving you correct."

"Stop your dawdling, spirit! Progress is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent assassination!"

"I wear pants because it's the law."
Robo, as quoted in an in-universe newspaper article

Mariana: You have this whole other layer of history.
Robo: There's an assumption, I think, that being an ageless super robot billionaire mad scientist on a remote island makes me feel alone. It doesn't. But sometimes? That layer does.