Headscratchers: Atomic Robo

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  • I read the example for Operator Incompatibility and wondered why Robo didn't just use the tip from a commercially available iPad stylus.
    • Or better yet, incorporate their materials into the tips of his fingers using something like Nano Nails.
    • Considering that Robo has had to be rebuilt almost from scratch at least once his failure not to do this is bordering on What an Idiot status. Or he just likes complaining.
    • Has it ever been said whether or not Robo can feel pain? If he can, then he's basically got to cut the ends of his fingers off just to use a single piece of technology.
    • "It's not like that doesn't hurt, y'know."
    • Think of it more like surgery than just cutting off his fingers. Robo most likely would not be conscious for the upgrade.