Awesome: Atomic Robo

  • "When you return to your unobserved yet empirically determined dimension of origin... tell them Carl Sagan sent you."
  • Tesla Vs. Edison in The Deadly Art of Science.
  • Turning the Large Hadron Collider into a 27 kilometer long Proton Cannon to kill "Futuresaurus Rex" in the 2012 Free Comic Book Day Issue.
  • Jenkins is trapped in the vampire dimension:
    Tesladyne Tech: Shouldn't we mount a rescue operation?
    Robo: Why would we want to rescue them? They're vampires!
  • Typically, any time Jenkins does something, it's awesome.
    • Case in point: The conspiracy that's tried to kill Robo and the people with them chases them across a freeway. Robo decides to lure them away with someone acting as bait. That's Jenkins. The jeep he's in gets flipped over, and surrounded by armed gunmen... Jenkins immediately gets up and starts kicking their asses, including Mini-Mecha suits, many soldiers with guns, and a helicopter.