Quotes / Apologises a Lot

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    Anime & Manga 

"Listen, Larawell... This isn't homework - this is an assignment from now on, okay? Try to stop saying sorry two out of every three times you open your mouth. Okay?"
Rahzel, Hatenkou Yuugi

    Fan Works 

‘Don’t say ‘I’m sorry’, or she’ll kill me. Don’t say ‘I’m sorry’, or she’ll kill me. Don’t say ‘I’m sorry’, or she’ll kill me.’
Shinji, A Crown Of Stars, chapter 25

Asuka: "You always apologize right away, but do you actually feel sorry?!"
Asuka: "It's like you apologize as a conditioned reflex to avoid being scolded!"
Shinji: "I'm sorry."
Asuka: "Exactly like that. You're just fundamentally too self-deprecating!"

Shinji: So what are your parents like?
Asuka: (sharply) Dead.
Shinji: I'm sorry.
Asuka: Don't be such a wimp, Shinji. It's not your fault they died.

And if you promise to try not to be a wet blanket who apologises for his very existence, I promise I'll try to use less tsun and more dere this time, because I want to be a better friend too.
Asuka to Shinji, Doing It Right This Time

Asuka: What's wrong with you?
Shinji: Sorry!
Asuka: Quit apologizing! Geez...

Ritsuko:"Good morning, Shinji. I'm Dr. Ritsuko Akagi, head of Project E, [...] You gave us quite a scare with that head wound."
Shinji:"I'm sorry,"
Misato(giggling):"You don't to apologize, Shinji."
Zone Fighter:What's the deal with the apologizing? You're not offending them by surviving a head wound.
Hail To The King, chapter 3

Asuka:"Quit being such a doormat,"
Asuka:"Stop apologizing all the time. That's the first rule."
Last Child of Krypton, chapter 9 (rewrite)

Asuka: Why does everything have to take so long with you, Third Child?
Shinji: Sorry.
Asuka: Dammit, don't do that. It bothers me and you know it.
Shinji: Sorry
Asuka: You know, I'm starting to think you do it on purpose. Nobody could be so dense.
Misato: Asuka, stop picking on him. It's just his conditioned response, like a defense.

Asuka hissed her breath out from between her teeth. God, she hated people who apologized for everything, even when it wasn't their fault!
Once More with Feeling, chapter 10

Asuka:"Geez. Doesn't take much to please you!"
Asuka: "What are you apologizing for? You're such an idiot..."
Shinji: "Sorry."
She gave me the death glare, but gave up and simply lay down, closed her eyes and went back to her sunbathing.

Asuka:"I hate it when you do that, you know?"
Shinji: "Yeah..."
She shook her head, slowly bringing it closer to his.
Asuka: "That's the wrong line," she whispered. "You have to say 'I'm sorry'."
Shinji: "Oh?" He grinned, leaning forward to meet her halfway, already feeling her breath on his face. "I'm sorry."
Asuka: "Better..." She closed her eyes, just before their lips...
The Second Try, chapter 5

    Film - Animated 

Rutt: Oh, I'm sorry, eh? That's the wrong answer.
Tuke: Well, what're you saying sorry for? You didn't TELL them to choose the wrong answer, did you?
Rutt: I don't think so.
Tuke: Well then, there's no reason for you to be sorry, eh?
Rutt: Okay. Gee, I take it back, okay?
Tuke: Okay. It's just, like...you know, you're always saying "I'm sorry" unnecessarily, eh?
Rutt: I know, eh...sorry about that.
Tuke: See! You just said it again!
Rutt: What?
Tuke: You said "I'm sorry"!
Rutt: Sorry!
If you guess wrong on the DVD trivia game, Brother Bear 2

    Film - Live Action 

God: Oh, don't grovel! One thing I can't stand it's people groveling.
Arthur: Sorry.
God: And don't apologize! Every time I try to talk to someone it's "sorry" this and "forgive me" that and "I'm not worthy"... WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW!?
Arthur: I am averting my eyes, O Lord.


"Never mind being sorry. You and I waste entirely too much effort apologizing to each other."

Greeley (n.) Someone who continually annoys you by continually apologising for annoying you.
Douglas Adams and John Lloyd, The Meaning of Liff

    Video Games 

"Ichi is so sorry, please forgive Ichi..."
Oichi, Sengoku Basara, repeat ad-infinitum

Colette: I'm okay. I'll be fine after a little rest. I'm sorry to cause so much trouble...
Lloyd: Stop apologizing all the time, you dork! It's not as if you can help it.
Colette: (Sigh) You're right; I'm sorry.

    Web Comics 

Question: Rolan, do all high elves blame themselves for everything? Or is it just you?
Rolan: Oh! My apologies! It was not my intention to give you this impression of my people.
Q&A series 2, day 1, Ears for Elves

Sal: I'm sorry Karl, I'm so sorry. I..
Karl: No, please don't. It's not your fault. Don't apologize.
Sal: ...Sorry..
Karl: Gah, don't apologize for apologizing.
Sal: I...
Karl: And don't you dare apologize for that.