Puppy Dog Eyes / Fan Works

  • Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Italy used these on Germany and Japan as he was trying to convince them to not murder Austria for the hundreds of years of abuse he had dished out on Italy.
  • In this Sailor Moon fanart, Chibi-Chibi pulls these on Sailor Uranus so that she could steal cookies (again).
  • Miyoko in Kyon: Big Damn Hero when she asks Kyon to go see a movie together.
  • In the sequel to the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess fic Til the Sun Grows Cold and the Stars Grow Old, Rusl notes that "Shad's puppy-dog pout" was practically legendary.
  • Latias in A New Chance at Life is fond of using these to get out of trouble, usually after playing a prank on someone.
  • Several Naruto fanfics usually feature this as a minor genjutsu or ninjutsu.
  • Turnabout Storm:
    • Pinkie Pie after Phoenix Wright tells her that their investigation does not involve finding oatmeal, much to her dissapointment.
    • Apple Bloom uses them when begging Twilight to let her be her assistant in her investigation.
  • Kyle in the Shark Tale story "Alternate Ending" does this at the end to Lenny.
  • Erin in For Good - she's the only main character to have brown eyes, and she uses them to great effect with her brother and her not-boyfriend.
  • Sherlock Holmes in the Deliver Us From Evil Series, to the point where Mrs. Hudson suspects that neither his mother nor any other susceptible female with whom he'd come in contact had ever been able to resist those big Gray Eyes.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series references this:
    "My client has eyes. [...] Yes, eyes. The innocent eyes of a puppy."
  • In the Pony POV Series, not only does Apple Bloom apparently do this all the time with Applejack, but she's taught Spike how to do it too (he complains that it makes his eyes hurt).
  • The Dashverse: Rarity does this in Hot Heads, Cold Hearts, and Nerves of Steel to convince Shining Armor to let her make modifications to his uniform. He caves immediately.
    • Rainbow Dash apparently did this to him all the time when she was a filly.
  • From the Tamers Forever Series, we have Takato's secret weapon; the U.P.D.E. "Ultimate Puppy Dog Eyes. TM (Now with more glimmering!)
  • Diamond's pet kitty in the Diamond and Dazzle MLP fancomic learned this from the time he spent as a puppy. Has used them on Diamond and Spike to get cake and candy, respectively.
  • HERZ: In chapter 4, Asuka didn't want Akiko to keep a stuffed toy. So that Akiko used the puppy dog look on his father, and Shinji used it on Asuka. She relented.
    Shinji found himself caught between the two most important females in his life. His gaze darted to and from his wife and daughter. He settled on playing the sad puppy dog to Asuka. Faced with two pleading looks, Asuka relented.
  • In The Witch of the Everfree, Applejack pulls them on Sunset when she's on the verge of refusing to help find the Great White Wolf.
    • Rarity pulls them too, trying to draw a story out of Sunset after she offhandedly mentions having met a griffon ambassador.
  • The Great Alicorn Hunt: Chapter 5 gives us a well executed example.
    '''Footnote 1:''' The dour moon princess had complained that "it looked like some ancient pagan fertility ritual." Till both Rarity and Fluttershy had given her a double barreled dose of the Sad Puppy Dog Eyes. The flowers stayed.
  • Death Is Forced To Take A Vacation: Pinkie is very good at these, even getting Fall Harvest to agree to visit Ponyville, which he was hoping to avoid, with them.
  • In this Steven Universe fanart, Yellow Pearl does this in order to get Yellow Diamond to give her a raise.
    Yellow Diamond: (Stupid, adorable Pearl...)
  • In X-Men: The Early Years, Cyclops teaches Jean Grey the "puppy eyes" pleading technique, and she uses it on Beast right away.
    Scott Summers: It's a weapon that women have been using against men since the beginning of time. Get all teary eyed on him and in about two minutes Hank McCoy will be eating out of your hand. He'll do anything you ask him to do. It works on just about every man on the planet, Red.