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Our Vampires Are Different: Web Original
  • Quite a few short stories on Everything2, including (but not limited to)
  • College Humor lampooned this trope in their video "Vampire Reunion". It shows in a very humorous manner the inherent problems this trope makes with creating any sort of Intercontinuity Crossover with more than one series that includes a vampire. Among the vampires featured are Count Dracula (as the leader, naturally), Edward Cullen, Bill, Count Von Count, Blacula, Angel, and Count Chocula. Even the assorted vampire hunters waiting to strike in the next room (Buffy, Blade, and Van Helsing) can't agree on what methods they should use to kill the vampires. It also carries shades of Your Vampires Suck, since Dracula calls Edward out on the fact that he doesn't have fangs, and Edward in turn states that at least he doesn't look like Angel, who has a monstrous true form.
  • Consult this handy chart.
  • Limyaael has a rant on vampires in fantasy fiction, which is apparently common breeding grounds for vampiric love interests.
  • As mentioned above, Gaia Online vampires do not die in sunlight. They just get really sunburned, really easily. And sometimes catch fire. They do still need blood though, but can subsist on human-style fare (though they find it unpleasant) or soy-based blood substitutes. Also, (as Louie is quick to point out), they do not sparkle. Stop asking.
    • zOMG! also has vampires as enemies in the recently opened area, Deadman's Shadow, which are unconventional even by Gaia Online standards.
  • Eddie Izzard has a bit (about 0:50 onwards) about vampires, and the tendency of directors to "change the rules".
  • That Guy with the Glasses is a wildly popular review website for almost all forms of popular media, and they have a show called Vampire Reviews, in which the Maven of the Eventime (roommate to The Nostalgia Chick) reviews anything and everything to do with vampires. She will go into well-researched and explained detail as to how this trope applies to the specific franchise's vampires, what this has to do with the given work's era's more popular style of depicting vampires, and the actual origins. She's a known trooper, and will often explain the earliest known variants of vampire tropes present in the works she reviews. For instance, when she reviews Underworld, she explains how it was what popularized the vampires versus werewolves trope, but states that the RPG White Wolf and the related RPG, Vampire: The Masquerade actually did this before them, but that the original instance of the trope was in an Abbott and Costello movie, but also how in the earliest known Eastern European (this is the same area of the world that houses Transylvania) lore, the rivalry was nonexistent, because vampires were originally undead werewolves.
  • Vlad from Vladimir and Mr Smith is a puppet (and decidedly non-threatening).
  • It's more of a metaphorical lesson on power-hungry humans, but Fred Clark does pose an interesting idea as to why vampires fear crosses in this blog post.
  •, the website of Katy Towell brings us the Mockingbird Song, an animated short about a girl named Shawnee Jenkins. Her parents are attacked and bitten at some point. They eventually turn into feral vampires. They degrade to the point where they're basically animals, unable to even speak. Yet Shawnee continues to care for them and clean up the messes they leave behind. They're still her parents after all.
  • Vampyou has two examples of this.
    • Most recently, a sequence showed what appeared to be a sentient vine that attacked two girls and turned them into vampires.
    • The lamia of Unsealed and Blood News are: living beings that start off by stealing the victim's voice and a piece of their soul which they only return when the bite comes and the blood is taken.
  • Eddie from The Insane Quest of Unfathomable Randomness is an odd case, having nearly all the weaknesses of a traditional vampire and none of their strengths (except when under the influence of his Super-Powered Evil Side). He can survive on a diet that does not contain any blood (though the smell of it causes him to go into a shark-like feeding frenzy) and can withstand mild doses of sunlight but temporarily disintegrates when exposed to high concentrations of light. Since no other vampires have appeared in the series, it is unknown whether all vampires in his universe share these attributes, though it is implied that he is a weakling by their standards.
  • Vampires in Chaos Fighters do not suck human blood because it is poisonous to them. Their blood, however, is useful to prevent bleeding in small amounts due to blood clotting effect on human bloods.
  • This video showcases information gained from the accidental creation of a "real" vampire through gene therapy. Most of their traditional weaknesses don't even exist (garlic and holy water don't work, sunlight just hurts their eyes). The ones that do act different (right angles like crosses cause them to have fatal seizures because of the way their brains are wired). They also feed primarily on human flesh and only drink blood as a last resort. Oh, and they're now extinct because of the right angle-laden structures our ancestors began to build.
  • The vampires in Blood Light are pretty much your typical broke-ass urban twentysomethings. Or at least they look twentysomething. Some don't even have fangs.
  • The "vampires" of Orion's Arm were goths who programmed their genetic tweaks and life-extension bionano to include sensitivity to sunlight and a need to drink hu blood. Most polities can easily cure them when discovered.
  • Night Hunters. The vampires in these books, accumulate resistance to sunlight the longer they live, can live practically eternally, unless killed, have no weaknesses to garlic, or individual religious objects, cannot be killed unless with silver through the heart or beheading, don't evaporate once killed, burn a pint of blood every six hours and can turn into near 9 feet tall armored monsters with a split lower jaw.
  • In Tasakeru, they're demons called "sanguivores", which feed via lamprey-like mouths on their fingertips.
  • Since the Whateley Universe tends to be an All Myths Are True universe, it is unsurprising that there are several different kinds of vampires, with different weaknesses and strengths, plus a couple mutants who just look like vampires ought to. The Crimson Comet is very disappointed when she finds out she can't go stake her extremely annoying hallmate Vamp.
  • In Monstermaster13's Walken Saga there are "Walkens" which are quasi-vampiric, feeding on fear as well as blood. They also have a knack for dancing and a taste for more cowbell.
  • SCP Foundation, SCP-742 ("Retrovirus"). SCP-742 is a retrovirus that transforms humans into vampire-like creatures that paralyze their victims with a paralyzing bite and drain bone marrow instead of blood.
  • In Aelan mythology from Ustal Naror islands, vampires will be derived from mermaids.

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