No Holds Barred Beatdown: Web Original

  • Survival of the Fittest has the fight between Rick Holeman and Laeil Burbank in V3, which devolves from a gunfight into a straight up beatdown when both their guns fail, Laeil slips and falls to the ground, and Rick then proceeds to beat her to a bloody pulp. She manages to turn the tables, though, once she grabs hold of her sword.
  • In Super Mario Bros. Z, as a general rule, when Mecha Sonic appears, someone is about to get their ass kicked in this fashion. The most notable example is probably when Yoshi gets the tar beaten out of him in the third episode.
    • Psht, forget Yoshi! At least he survived! Sure, the Axem Rangers were kind of a dick troupe, but Mecha Sonic not only wiped the floor with them, but also murdered each one, each time more brutally than the one before, giving us images of him doing things like crushing Axem Green's skull in his hand and disintegrating Axem Red with a Kamehame Hadoken — after first laying into him with Akuma's signature Shun Goku Satsu attack, no less!
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd hands one of these to Bugs Bunny of all people.
    • Two years later though, Bugs gets his own back, and then some.
  • Red vs. Blue Revelation: Episode ten in its entirety (nearly 8 minutes). Also counts as a Curb-Stomp Battle as the Reds and Tucker were trying to fight her.
  • Mercs: In "Hijack", Varisa comes upon hacker Tess. Cracking her knuckles, Varisa steps in for the beatdown. She proceeds to be smacked around by Tess in a lengthy montage.
  • The Nostalgia Critic went all out on The Neverending Story III disc after being tortured by the movie for twenty minutes.
  • In the Rooster Teeth Let's Play of Minecraft, episode 8, Gavin ends up trolling Geoff one too many times, leading to Geoff beating him in real life.
  • The Spoony Experiment. Spoony gets into a beatdown by Snow who not only leaves him bloody and bruised, but snaps his Gunblade in half. Spoony gives one back of his own by hitting him with anything he can get his hands on before ripping Snow's throat out.
  • General rule of thumb: Don't pick a fight with Doki or else
  • Vaguely Recalling JoJo:
    • Jotaro Kujo delivers one to Steely Dan as just punishment for the crap Steely Dan put him through.
    • Avdol delivers one to Cameo while asking Cameo to "grant" his wishes.
    • Jonathan Joestar delivers them to Dio Brando when he gets angered enough.