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Nightmare Fuel: The Belgariad
  • Polgara is explaining to Ce'Nedra about herself (paraphrased):
    Polgara: In the prophecy we serve, I am Polgara the Sorceress, daughter of Belgarath and great-aunt of Garion.
    Ce'Nedra: And in the other one?
    Polgara: In the other one, I am the Bride of Torak.
    Ce'Nedra: (gasps)
    Polgara: Now you understand. I've been terrified of Torak ever since my father explained that to me, when I was around twelve.
    Ce'Nedra: But surely you could resist him.
    Polgara: You don't understand, Ce'Nedra. He's a God. Not even my power can withstand him, and if I fall to him, then I'll probably be deliriously happy to be his bride, but there will be a part of me that will be screaming in horror — and will keep screaming until the end of time.
    • To recap: She's the prophecied bride of an insane God who will, if he can overwhelm her, brainwash her to love him and probably force her to fight her friends. And this is the same god who ordered his priests to sacrifice a person an hour by cutting out their hearts, and whose entire left side is currently burning. Yeah.
  • Either book four, Castle of Wizardry, or book five, Enchanter's End Game. Those with a domination phobia should not read.
  • What Belgarath does to Zedar in the end.
  • And then the prequels reveal what Zedar did over the course of his life, which includes driving two of his sworn brothers to suicide via self-obliteration and betraying a truly innocent woman to a horrible death. Yeah, there's a reason Beldin's said that if Belgarath ever undoes what he did, he'll do it again.

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