Tear Jerker / The Belgariad

  • Zakath discovers that Urgit isn't the son of Taur Urgas, and breaks down as the full weight of his attempts at revenge falls on him. "He has escaped me... and I've slaughtered tens of thousands for nothing..." Bear in mind, Zakath is The Stoic until that moment.
  • From "Polgara the Sorceress", when Vo Wacune was destroyed. The sadness she describes and the bits of it you can still feel in "Queen of Sorcery" when she's talking about it makes you tear up.
  • The deaths of Beldaran and Ontrose in the prequels and the supposed death of Poledra.
  • The death of Emperor Ran Borune in the first book of The Malloreon and its aftermath, when Ce'Nedra is forced to remain stoic during his funerals while the rival families of Tolnedra are here, secretly rejoicing and subtly insulting her, and she refuses to give them the satisfaction of watching her break down and cry.
  • Ce'Nedra's continuing reaction to the loss of her baby, particularly when she finds out that she'll never see his first steps.
  • In a way that's both tearjerking and Nightmare Fuel, Torak's final message to Garion in Sorceress of Darshiva was thought to be one of the only times he was actually sane. Torak foresaw his own loss to Garion and actually left a message, stating that, though he hated Garion beyond anything else, he knew that, were Torak to win, it would be an abomination that would do far worse than destroy the world. That Torak must support his own slayer in defeating the Spirit of Dark, even if would require Garion to slay his own child.
    Torak: We are brothers in that we share a dreadful task. What is foretold in these pages is an abomination. Do not let it come to pass. Destroy the world. Destroy the universe if need be, but do not permit this to come to pass. In thy hand is the fate of all that was; all that is; and all that is yet to be. Hail, my hated brother, and farewell.
  • From the last page of The Malloreon (not really a spoiler): "And now, my children, the time has come to close the book. There will be other tales and other stories but this one is, alas, complete."
  • Vella and Beldin, flying away as hawks together, never to return.
  • At Korim, after the Choice is made, Toth's funeral: although they could simply translocate the body, Beldin, Belgarath, Durnik, and Garion carry it as pallbearers "in the fashion as old as time"; Eriond makes a beautiful white marble bier; someone causes vines and flowers to grow to fill the grotto (which Eriond assures Cyradis will never wither or fade); Durnik and Beldin roof it over with pure crystal. But the last twist of the knife comes when Durnik conjures up Toth's fishing pole to lay beside him, then just gently pats his hand and leaves. Sob.
  • During the battle in book 5:
    • When Doroon drowns. Rundorig says "He couldn't swim. I tried to save him ..."
    • When the simple-minded nameless Arend peasant boy was sitting off towards the side of the battle playing his flute and is killed by a Mallorean soldier.
    • When Brand's son who had earlier tried to kill Garion when he became the Rivan King told Brand what he had done as he was dying, and Brand turned on him in disgust, although he's still devastated by the death of his son but refuses to show it.