Nightmare Fuel: Tex Willer

  • What Tex did to Fred Brennan, the last survivor of the gang that caused a smallpox epidemics among the Navajos, killing Tex's wife in the process. After isolating him on his own floating casino, Tex had him wake up in the middle of the night at the cries of people scared by smallpox, placed a skeleton at the rudder to get him even more terrified when he tried to investigate who was shouting, set the ship on fire (at this point Tex's pards were wondering if he was overdoing it), and then sank it in an area filled with sharks.
    • Tex's whole Roaring Rampage of Revenge, when you think it through: Tex is the Fastest Gun in the West and a Scarily Competent Tracker, and was at his most furious. The lucky ones, that Tex couldn't afford to torture as he wished, got shot. The unlucky one, Higgins (the guy who delivered the infected blankets that caused the epidemics), was forced to walk in the desert until midday with the head uncovered, beat up within an inch of his life, and then left there to die.
    • And the epidemics itself. It's not shown, but the idea that someone would do something like that just to kill one man...
  • Padma's illusion attack on Mefisto, including having him attacked and swarmed over by dragons, serpents, mice, large spiders and other unpleasants critters until he's gone completely insane. Good Is Not Nice indeed.
    • The worst part? That's him holding back: before dealing with Mefisto he had asked to a mystic force if he was allowed to kill Mefisto and was told no, implying he can force people to just drop dead.
  • Hamatsa, the Cannibal God. A giant who demands women to 'marry' (i.e. eat) from the Kuchtaqa people, who conducts raids on other tribes to procure them. Sure, in the end it's revealed as a Scooby-Doo Hoax from the Kuchtaqa chief when Tex shoots the guys moving it, but the thing was horrifical.
  • The green stones that are seen in "El Morisco". At first they just seem small green pebbles of vulcanic rock. Then you notice the Bitter Almonds smell and the fact they shine in the dark, but it could mean anything. Then someone touches them... And that someone is completely dried up in mere seconds. This gave nightmares even to people who had already faced Mefisto.
    • The same story arc tops it with the Master of the Green Stones, the guy who actually recovers them from lava for use by a group of Aztec descendants planning to restore the Aztec Empire. He lived so long in the grotto where they were located that he's dried up himself, but still walks. Thankfully he's usually covered in a leather tunic and hood, but when he lowers the hood to shoot those stones at Tex and Carson the sight froze them in horror.